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Poll of the Week: Best of Quark?

Poll of the Week: Best of Quark?   

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  1. 1. Which Quark Episode Is Your Favorite?

    • Profit and Loss- Quark’s old flame comes aboard the station, but is quickly put in danger by her dissonant teachings.
    • The House of Quark- Quark becomes entangled in the web of Klingon society, with startling results.
    • Family Business- Quark must answer for the “crimes” of his mother without loosing his assets on Ferenginar.
    • Little Green Men- After attempting to smuggle kemocite, Quark, Rom and Nog find themselves stuck on Earth- circa 1947.
    • Body Parts- Quark is faced with a no-win scenario when the Rules of Acquisition haunt him.
    • The Ascent- Stuck on a barren mountain, Quark and Odo struggle to survive.
    • Business as Usual- Upon accepting a job as an arms dealer, Quark is forced to deal with the ramifications of his decision.
    • The Magnificent Ferengi: To save his mother from the clutches of the Dominion, Quark puts together a rescue party- Ferengi style.
    • Another episode not listed here? Let us know in the comments section!

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If there was a single recurring character that (at least at first glance) seems to embody the very antithesis of Star Trek’s sweeping vision, it would be Quark. The scheming, capitalistic, sexist Ferengi is truly despicable from the very beginning of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and shamelessly displays his materialistic mindset at every turn. Even so, over the course of seven seasons, Quark managed to work his way into the hearts of viewers. His development throughout the series is undeniable and one of the many treats audiences were able to enjoy. What was once a mostly shelved idea for a villainous species was given life through Quark and his fellow Ferengi characters. His popularity is best exemplified by the numerous episodes that had Quark as a focus. Though some of them were truly malignant (looking at you, “Profit and Lace”) the vast majority were effective, meaningful, and often hilarious.
This week’s poll asks which Quark moment or episode you found most enjoyable! Give us your vote and let us know your thinking in the comments section!

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