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We’re all going to Suraya Bay: An intriguing look at the romantic hotspot

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SURAYA BAY, RISA — Featuring a low-key coastal resort, famous family-friendly sandy beaches, interesting nightlife and festivals with cliffside villas overlooking beautiful views of the sea, Suraya Bay is often considered the foremost attraction by Risa’s visitors.

Risa isn’t lacking in beautiful places to visit, and there are very few reasons to not venture onto the pleasure capital of the galactic atlas in pursuit of rest and relaxation. With delicious food produced by some of the galaxy’s most famous chefs, and ample opportunities to enjoy water sports and mountain climbing, there is something to suit everyone at any time of the year. However, beyond its tourism appeal, Suraya Bay is something quite special.

Luxury villas are built into the side of the cliff face, painted white to hold in the heat from the midday sun. A gorgeous garden stretches out in front, filled to bursting with local flowers and cultural bounties. This surrounds quaint table and chair arrangements, appointed to allow guests to dine in the delight of the encompassing vista. Every evening, a floating restaurant comes alive in the bay just as the sun descends on the horizon, where couples can wade out to the ship and enjoy freshly caught seafood cooked on the deck, a process showcasing a unique blend of remarkable culinary expertise and undeniable artistic appeal.

There is a strong feeling of well-being, with the tangy scents of nearby orchards washing away worries and cultivating a contented mind. A short walk from the villas are restaurants and curiosity shops, and local business owners come out to greet you as you make your way down the hillside. Swimmers dive off the ancient cliffs down into the bay below, breaking the quiet with the occasional satisfying splash of cool water.

If relaxing isn’t your style, there are lots of interesting paths to hike upon, with many leading up the volcanic mountains that dot the landscape. Once at the summit, it is a time-honored tradition to roast marshmallows and skewered local fruits on the eternal flames emanating from small holes in the pitted volcanic rock. Burning for thousands of years, the flames survived the harsh weather conditions prior to the formation of the weather control network.

And, of course, if you’re planning your visit in the summer, don’t forget to check in for the Lohlunat Festival down in the bay. A night of campfires and mai-tais after a surf on the crystal clear waters will kindle any sparking romance until the dawn.

If you’re in dire need of a romantic getaway with your partner, don’t think twice before booking your next cruise to Suraya Bay, the hidden gem of Risa.

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