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One…Two…Three…Four New Badges?

StarBase 118 Staff

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One of the greatest things about StarBase 118 is the community, and all the hard work that goes into making it such a fantastic place to be a part of. It is for this reason the Captain’s Council has approved the creation of four new badges.

Appreciation Forum Nominator

Appreciation Forum Nominator Badge
Appreciation Forum Nominator Elite Badge

The Appreciation Forum Nominator badge is presented to an individual who submits a fellow players sim to the appreciations forum. There are two levels that can be awarded:

  • Standard: Awarded to a player who submits a sim highlighting a fellow player to the appreciations forum.
  • Elite: Awarded to a player who submits at least 1 sim per month for a 6 month period that highlights a fellow player in the appreciations forum.

This badge can be earned once every 6 month period. Players submitting their own sims do not count for this badge – they must appreciate a fellow player. Joint posts do count, even if one player is a contributing member. Players may submit sims from any vessel.

Read an exciting sim from a fellow player? Open up a new thread in the Appreciations forum and share it now!

Awards Ceremony Nominator

Awards Ceremony Nominator Badge
Awards Ceremony Nominator Elite Badge
Awards Ceremony Nominator Legendary Badge

The Awards Ceremony Nominator badge is presented to an individual who nominates fellow players during the annual awards ceremony. There are three levels that can be awarded:

  • Standard: A player must submit at least 1 nomination for a fellow player during an awards ceremony, in any category.
  • Elite: A player must submit at least 5 nominations for fellow players in any category.
  • Legendary: A player must submit at least 10 nominations for players on more that 2 vessels in any category.

This badge can be earned multiple times; however it is only awarded once per year. A player earning an elite or legendary badge is not eligible to receive the lower level badges in the same year. For instance, if you receive the legendary badge during the awards period, you will not be able to receive the standard or elite badges that year.

Whilst the Annual Awards are still a short time away, why not use the time to start thinking about who to nominate?

Poll of the Week Team Member

The Poll of the Week Team Member badge is a standard badge awarded to individuals who have served on the Poll of the Week task force for a minimum of a year, with badges being awarded in 3 & 5 year increments.

You can find out more about the Poll of the Week Team on their wiki page.

Ponder Prompter

The Ponder Prompter badge is awarded to individuals who have contributed ideas for future Poll of the Week segments. There are two levels that can be awarded:

  • Standard: Presented to a player that has suggested at least ten different poll ideas, and has had at least two accepted and utilised.
  • Elite:Presented to a player that has had ten poll suggestions accepted and utilised.

If you think you’re eligible for a badge, let your Captain know, who will verify your contributions. Once this is done you’ll be presented with your new badge which you can display with pride for your efforts at recognising your fellow players.

Want to learn more about our badges? Head over to our badge page on the wiki to find out more. Who knows you may be eligible for badges you didn’t know existed!

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