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Juneau's Rememberable quotes!!! IC

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Same sim from Kendrick's quote:



T’Lea hated diplomatic missions.  They were the most grueling, time consuming, mentally challenging of all tasks to endure.  Having been a Diplomatic Officer for a brief time she understood the frustration that emanated around the negotiation table, the petty bickering, and the short tempers.  She had been relieved that she only had to be there for the introductions and the rest of her time was sat in her chair on the bridge.







Over the past two weeks there were times when she’d wished that the cease fire between the Zik and Cagnal would fail just so that she could have some stimulation.


Oh, I feel that pain! :D Serala doesn't much care for diplomatic missions either ;)


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@Arys   I really LOL'ed at this.  So funny. :D

Trovek: So this is really standard and I won’t bother you for long. I just need to know if you feel any kind of aggression. Anxiety. Homicidal tendencies. If you look at the viewscreen, do you see any forms or symbols? 


oO Like a huge, shiny inkblot. Oo 


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Falt: Apologies to interrupt. I've finished reviewing the pottery from Cagnal and thought you might want to read this. ::handing her the PADD:: it seems the drinking bowl is a deeply symbolic gift and was intended for you personally.


She glanced over the PADD, it was displaying a catalog of the artifacts.  The bowl in question was clay, painted in symbols she didn't understand.  It seemed to be in that awkward size that was too big to be practical for coffee, too small to be called a soup bowl.

Oh yes.  That's our Captain.  Use the ceremonial bowl as a coffee mug.  lol ;) @Oddas Aria

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Defective Vulcan at it again.  @TLea



T’Lea:  Don’t look at me.  I am not on duty and therefore whatever you three decide, I will go along with it.  ::pause:: No matter how stupid it is. 


She just had to throw that in there.  It made her happy.


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From the same post @TLea, I liked how this characterization was woven among the dialogue.



T’Lea:  And you would be master of the realm I presume?

Trovek: … You were the queen last time. 

She cut her smile short with a sip from her mug.   The memory of their last jaunt in the holodeck sprang to mind...

After ordering the execution of Lagertha’s lover in their Viking holo-adventure the thought of killing for revenge, or any other reason for that matter, wasn’t very satisfying.  This surprised her. 

It also worried her. 

Was this weakness, or personal growth?

Kendrick: ::changing subject:: Perhaps we should just stick to the holonovel as programmed?


Kendrick to the rescue again.  He was becoming her voice of reason.


Also, the idea of a toilet paper shortage being part of the program made me chuckle. 😄



With that Sival made a brief exit to… well, T’Lea assumed he was going to the restroom, and when he returned he had a roll of paper in his hands.  She’d heard about toilet paper, but it seemed to be the wrong era for that luxury.  And why would he be returning with it anyway?  Was there a toilet paper shortage in this time period?

As he spread a map out on the table, she realized just how wrong she’d been.  And thankfully so.  There was a moment when she questioned his logic for lining the tabletop with a sanitary product.


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In a short period of time, the company found themselves approaching the weaponsmith shop. From a distance, they could hear the CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! of hammer hitting metal against an anvil, or something like one - the sound of a new weapon being forged. As they drew closer, they could see the weaponsmith - a Bolian - doing his work in front of his shop despite the unfavorable weather. 

The Bolian stopped what he was doing as the intrepid Musketeers dismounted.

Weaponsmith: Ah! The Four Musketeers! You have come to rescue our dear King! Please come into my shop and take whatever suits your quest!

Clearly a programmed player character, Sival thought. 

At least the holodeck characters know what we're supposed to do 😄. I loved @Sival's last observation here. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Trovek: Kendrick? 


He heard a female voice calling out for him. No doubt it was T’Lea, blade between her teeth, ready to fight these ugly spiders and cut him loose.  


Kendrick: I’m here!

@John Kendrick  LOL  No, sorry.  Not this time.  It's just Counselor Trovek, but I'm sure she has a sharp comment between her teeth that will cut just as deeply.


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The line closed with a beep and Aria found herself staring at the space Alea had been occupying just moments before - the pain deepening, trying to convince herself she was the Captain of a Starship and she had to keep it together, for the crew, to get it done, to keep them safe. 
She bit her lip to keep herself in the present.  Suddenly there was a voice interrupting her.

Tito: It felt, but it wasn’t real. It worsen the pain, but maybe it could bring us something Captain.

Aria tried to set her face hard and looked to the Lieutenant and tilted her head. 

Tito: Closure.
She couldn't take it - it wasn't closure to see Alea disappear again, it wasn't closure to have the woman she thought was all the best parts of her die, it wasn't closure to be reminded how she had failed because in a moment she was indecisive - regardless of what the counselors had told her.  
She felt an anger rising inside of her.
Oddas: I ::pause::
She clutched her fists and rethought her response.
Oddas: Take the bridge, inform me of any problems.
Any: Response
Aria left the bridge and entered her ready room, when she was sure the room was closed behind her, she leaned back against the wall next to the door.  In her mind, the scene of Alea fell down the rock face over and over, forcing the chasm in her chest to widen.  Aria slid along the wall, openly sobbing, wrapping her arms around her knees.


I will admit that I was 99% certain that we would get either an almost tearful goodbye, or some similarly warm and fuzzy conclusion to @Oddas Aria and Alea.

A happy ending.

I absolutely adore that this wasn't the case. 


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