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Juneau's Rememberable quotes!!! IC

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Hrala: You looked quite handsome in your uniform if I may say so. 

He looked back up at her with these big eyes, showing both surprise and excitement. He could barely hide his smile.

Kendrick: Thank you. ::almost stammering:: You look nice too.

Nice? He cursed inwardly. She’s drop dead gorgeous and all you can say is “nice”?

@John Kendrick I had a little chuckle. Because that's how I feel any time I try to compliment someone I like even in the most friendly of settings. So that's honestly such a mood. I love him.

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Wyss:  Okay, I’ve got to get this system checked out.  ::yawn:: and then get some sleep, and then report to the Grace Hopper  ::at Dekas::  Thanks for your help.   Hang on a second.  I have something for you.

She turned to the replicator system on the arch and punched in a command.  When she turned back to Dekas she handed him a hat.  The very one that had been doing Houdini style magic tricks on his head the whole time.

Wyss:  This one should stay put.

She flashed him a sweet smile and a chuckle.


Alright so here’s another one apparently. Cause upon giving it a second read through, @TLea this gave me strong emotions about friendship and I could just die about it.

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((USS Juneau, Deck 1, Conference Room))
Vitor entered the conference room and raised an eyebrow.
There was food, pastry and coffee. He nodded to the officers already there and went straight for another coffee. He served himself as he spoke.
Silveira: Good Morning all, too bad I already ate breakfast. Good idea though.
Any: Response
He placed his coffee, PADD and sat down as Commander Williams arrived, heading straight to business.
Williams: Does anyone have an idea what we are facing already?
Vitor nodded and raised his coffee cup.
Silveira: Second breakfast as it seems.

@Vitor S. Silveira observant as always 😄

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Dekas: That is absolutely fascinating.
oO But not as delicious as my croissant. Oo
R'Kala: I concur.
John tried not to laugh.

@John Kendrick I woke up from a nap, read that response, and given I'd just woken up, had no ability to hold back the good hearty laugh I let out about Kendrick's thought processes. He may have succeeded in not laughing right there but I gave a laugh for him. He's a whole mood. 

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