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Juneau's Rememberable quotes!!! IC

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Hrala: You looked quite handsome in your uniform if I may say so. 

He looked back up at her with these big eyes, showing both surprise and excitement. He could barely hide his smile.

Kendrick: Thank you. ::almost stammering:: You look nice too.

Nice? He cursed inwardly. She’s drop dead gorgeous and all you can say is “nice”?

@John Kendrick I had a little chuckle. Because that's how I feel any time I try to compliment someone I like even in the most friendly of settings. So that's honestly such a mood. I love him.

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Wyss:  Okay, I’ve got to get this system checked out.  ::yawn:: and then get some sleep, and then report to the Grace Hopper  ::at Dekas::  Thanks for your help.   Hang on a second.  I have something for you.

She turned to the replicator system on the arch and punched in a command.  When she turned back to Dekas she handed him a hat.  The very one that had been doing Houdini style magic tricks on his head the whole time.

Wyss:  This one should stay put.

She flashed him a sweet smile and a chuckle.


Alright so here’s another one apparently. Cause upon giving it a second read through, @TLea this gave me strong emotions about friendship and I could just die about it.

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  • 2 weeks later...
((USS Juneau, Deck 1, Conference Room))
Vitor entered the conference room and raised an eyebrow.
There was food, pastry and coffee. He nodded to the officers already there and went straight for another coffee. He served himself as he spoke.
Silveira: Good Morning all, too bad I already ate breakfast. Good idea though.
Any: Response
He placed his coffee, PADD and sat down as Commander Williams arrived, heading straight to business.
Williams: Does anyone have an idea what we are facing already?
Vitor nodded and raised his coffee cup.
Silveira: Second breakfast as it seems.

@Vitor S. Silveira observant as always 😄

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Dekas: That is absolutely fascinating.
oO But not as delicious as my croissant. Oo
R'Kala: I concur.
John tried not to laugh.

@John Kendrick I woke up from a nap, read that response, and given I'd just woken up, had no ability to hold back the good hearty laugh I let out about Kendrick's thought processes. He may have succeeded in not laughing right there but I gave a laugh for him. He's a whole mood. 

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  • 5 weeks later...
Indobri: Yes, if I am right, Nyka Wyss is down there somewhere. Some place called Chapter One.
Tierney: Response
Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck gettin' dirt and gritty
Been down, isn't it a pity?
Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city
All around people looking half-dead
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head
oO More music? This has to be Nyka. Oo
Indobri: I am hearing music. Old Terran music. A trademark of hers. It has to be her.
She redoubled her concentration and spoke once more to Stig.
Indobri ~ Stig! Stig, is Chapter One Nyka Wyss? ~
Stig ~ Response ~
Once I had a love and it was a gas
Soon turned out had a heart of glass
Seemed like the real thing, only to find
Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind
oO Oh please don’t be singing about me. Oo


From our good Doc Indobri. I added more to give some context . Nicely done @Serala 




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  • 3 weeks later...

Our poor First Officer has tried this log entry multiple times now, with growing frustration, which sets up this selection. I had a good guffaw when I read it.



Turning back to the computer she noticed that she’d left the log running and it had recorded the entire conversation with Sival.

T’Lea:  Computer end First Officer’s log.

Computer:  Would you like to submit the report.

T’Lea: NO!


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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...
I already set up a meeting with someone I met earlier.. Mister.. uh, Tito? ::She glanced into the direction of the human she had met earlier:: I think he wants to scare off the new Councelor. He’ll be really disappointed when that doesn’t play out how he imagines it. 

Smug, our new Counselor @Arys


hello there GIF by Lucifer


edit: Changed the word for a synonym since the original was censored 😁

Edited by Vitor S. Silveira
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I know it's a few days after the fact, but I just wanted to mention that I thought @Tomas Falt wrote a lovely and touching sim regarding his relationship with his parents. It was a joy to read. 


OOC: This is the second part of the Sim introducing a bit more of Ensign Falt’s background. In part 1 Tomas received a strange package from his father.


((Ensign Falt’s Quarters, Deck 4, USS Juneau))


Tomas entered his quarters and allowed his body to flop into a chair. He’d hurried back from sick bay, and now his body was reminding him he still ached from the strain put on it by the high speed lateral spin that he and the Captain had experience during the Allahayer’s test flight.


Easing himself up for a moment he reached over to his bed and picked up the still unopened package his father had sent him. He sat back down, this was the reason he had practically sprinted across the ship. He’d been desperate know what was inside from the moment he’d got it back to the ship. Between the test flight, his surgery, the associated report writing, and the prescribed rest time this was the first chance he had. He also didn’t have long before he needed to head to the awards ceremony, hence his rush.


He again regarded the object in his hands. It was the size of a bulky PADD and had both hand and voice recognition that had been tuned to him. He took a breath and placed his palm on the biometric hand scanner. As before the device emitted a simple electronic tone as his hand print was confirmed.


Falt: Let’s see what’s in here then.


The scanner turned green at the sound of his voice, but other than that nothing happened. Tomas raised an eyebrow, it seemed like another command was needed to open the device. He turned the device over in his hands, examining it. There seemed to be no other input so it would have to be a specific spoken word or phrase.


Tomas tried to think like his father for a moment, he was not a man prone to extended, flourishing, conversation. Tomas smiled as the command came to him. One word, simple but also unlikely to be guessed by most. 


Falt: Avata


Finnish for open. There was a faint click, and the hand scanner lifted up a centimeter on it’s left side. Carefully using his reconstructed thumb he lifted the hand scanner up. It was hinged along the right side and opened like a lid. Inside there was a handwritten note atop an item wrapped in cloth. He picked up the note, it had been handwritten by his father.


"Tomas, congratulations on your Graduation. You have made Mamma and I proud. I pass this to you now, I'm sure you will have use of it."


Tomas felt a lump in his throat as he read the words. He now had a pretty good idea of what was wrapped in the cloth. He lifted the item and carefully unwrapped it. Despite having already guessed the contents he involuntarily gasped as the cloth fell away to reveal a book.


He turned it over in his hand. It wasn’t an ordinary book, it was his father’s most treasured possession. Written by Lars Falt, a distant ancestor, it was an original draft copy of his wilderness survival manual. Dating from a time when Earth still had wild places to explore, it detailed wilderness survival techniques complete with hand-drawn illustrations. As a draft it even had the authors hand written notes in the margins.


Tomas had sat with his father and learnt much from it’s pages during their early camping trips. It had been passed through his family since the early 21st Century, but despite being nearly 400 years old everything it contained remained relevant to M-Class planet survival now. What made it even more special, at least to his family, was that it had never been in storage or through a transporter. It was literally the same book his ancestor had written. All it’s page’s had been treated a micro-polymer coating to protect them, but aside from that it was as it had been printed all those centuries ago. 


Tomas, like his father, wasn’t normally one for an outward display of emotion but he felt tears in his eyes. He knew what this book meant to his father, his Isä.  He still had a few minutes before he need to get ready for the awards ceremony so he composed himself and opened a channel home. After a short pause the call was accepted by his mother, Sofia.


Falt: Hi Mamma.


Sofia: Tomas my lille villkatt! I’m so glad you called, how are you?


Little wildcat, that had been his mothers nickname for him for as long as he could remember.


Falt: I’m good thanks Mamma, how are you and Isä.


Sofia: I’m okay thanks. Busy at the university with my botany research, trying not to worry about you halfway across the quadrant, :;she smiled:: the usual. Your Isä left this morning for work, he’ll be out of touch for a couple of days.


Tomas felt bad at this, he’d hoped to speak to him.


Falt: I meant to call sooner but I was on a mission.


He decided not to mention his injury yet, if she’d been worrying it wouldn’t help. He’d tell her the whole story later when there was more time.


Sofia: We’ve been expecting your call ever since Isä got confirmation you had received your gift a couple of days ago. As he left for work he said, “If Tomas calls tell him Lars would be thrilled that his book was out there, guiding you whilst you explore new worlds.”


Tomas raised an eyebrow, that was a long sentence for his father. He’d clearly guessed Tomas would try to object.


Falt: I don’t know what to say Mamma. The Juneau is off on another mission soon so it may be a few weeks before I can speak to him. Can you tell him I said thank you and that I love him.


Sofia: I will do Tomas, but he knows you do. He also said “tell him not to worry and to make sure he brings it with him when he comes home next, so we can go camping together.”


Tomas felt the tears in his eye’s again at this. He wiped one away.


Falt: I promise I will Mamma. Where has Isä gone this time?


Sofia: He’s helping the Cardassian Government with a science station somewhere, it’s not a long contract this time.


Tomas nodded, his father had worked on a few Cardassian space installations since the end of the Dominion war. He checked the time.


Falt: I’m sorry Mamma but I need to go shortly.


Sofia: Good. ::smiling as she teased him:: Don’t worry, I understand. I really need to finish cataloguing these seeds from Casperia Prime anyway. Call when you can and we can chat properly, until then stay safe my lille villkatt.


Falt: Will do Mamma, love you.


Sofia: I love you too.


His mother ended the transmission. Tomas turned and placed the book on the stand by his bed. He had just enough time for a coffee and a change of uniform before he had to attend the awards ceremony.




Ensign Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801



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The negotiations had been a success and as a reward the Juneau and T’Lea’s numb [...] were now on their way to sit some more in a different sector of space. 

Ah... the exiting life of a Starfleet officer :D. Poor Commander @TLea!

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