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Faculty choice for new Klingon history courses at University of Alpha Centauri brings controversy

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ALPHA CENTAURI — As the University of Alpha Centauri begins offering new courses in Klingon history, the Klingon High Council has expressed its disapproval of some of the instructors chosen to teach them.

While the study of Klingon history is not unheard of at Federation institutions—having been thought for instance at Starfleet Academy and the Vulcan Science Academy for decades already—the Centaurians have courted controversy with the Klingon Empire due to the announced faculty for the courses. The Klingons have expressed their troubles directly to the university.

“The education of Klingon History has been applied in the past over several Federation worlds and is a study in Starfleet,” read a statement to the university’s president from Klingon High Councilmember Kargan of the House of Mo’Kai. “However, the University of Alpha Centauri has broken multiple codes of conducts that are associated with that education.”

Kargan is supposedly referring to Dr. E’Klasha, a Klingon sociologist hired by the university for her expertise in the history of her people. Dr. E’Klasha is a political refugee from Klingon space that sought asylum at Betazed in 2275 at the age of only 16. She has since been given Federation citizenship and has finished a master’s degree in sociology in 2288.

“The hiring of Dr. E’Klasha has no intention of disrupting the good relations with the Empire,” said the university’s history department chairperson Dr. Lille Magnussen in response. “Dr. E’Klasha is a known expert on Klingon history, and her political views were thoroughly screened by the university before bringing her aboard.”

Dr. Magnussen also informed Starfleet Science that students of the new field of study will be able to work better as liaisons and ambassadors to the Klingons, as well as offer opportunities for exchanges between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. These shall not only be limited to diplomatic but also scientific and cultural exchanges. While this exchange has been ongoing inside Starfleet for several years, the inclusion of civilian institutes into this exchange has been barred by the Empire for almost as long as the Khitomer Accords were signed.

“The Empire has no desire in providing mere civilians with advanced knowledge of Klingon society if this leads to repercussions from the same,” said Kargan. “Especially if the Federation is using harbored traitors to educate the people in a blackguarding manner.”

University president Dr. Ange Lambert expressed his understanding of Klingon concerns but assured Kargan that he stands behind Dr. Magnussen intentions and the hiring of E’Klasha. He even went as far as to suggest a further exchange of Klingon educators to ensure the good relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

“We at the university are proud of our ability to create an unbiased, broad education in all of our study fields,” said Dr. Lambert. “We will maintain our research into the application of good programs in the entire Klingon Studies field.”

Federation Secretary of Culture Senral Usei of Betazed also affirmed support for Dr. Magnussen during a press conference.

“The study of Klingon History is an imperative field to aid in the diplomatic relations with the Empire,” said Secretary Usei. “In that field, all views must be respected. Dr. E’Klasha has expressed not to harbor any further distrust of the Empire, and that her personal views will not be spread during her work as an educator.”

Secretary Usai explained to the Klingons that the freedom of work and those of thought and speech are imperative rights within the Federation and that Dr. E’Klasha is defended by the Federation constitution to seek employment in her line of work. Multiple civilian universities have expressed similar views on the matter.

Professor Ograx, a history professor at the University of Betazed, also expressed interest in partnering with Dr. Magnussen to offer similar courses on Betazed if the curriculum will prove to be successful and the concerns with the Klingon Empire are resolved peacefully.

“Dr. Magnussen is a talented social scientist,” said Ograx. “We will be pleased to adopt her programs if they are successful, even if this includes personnel disliked by the Empire.”

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