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Constitution-B crew sharpens Argo skills en route to resupply op

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GAMMA ORIONIS – Cutting short their badly needed shore leave, the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) was tasked with an emergency resupply operation which required the crew to re-familiarize themselves with the operation of the Argo ground transport vehicle.

While enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation aboard Starbase 104, the crew of the Constitution was rapidly recalled by the orders of Admiral Heraan of Starfleet Logistics. Captain Jalana Rajel and crew were tasked with the emergency resupply of a research facility located on a desert moon.

“A big quake took out their supply depot, and their landing pad, so they can’t get their usual delivery drops, because they sited their outpost like morons,” Herann remarked, noting several deficiencies of foresight on the part of the outpost planners, making matters more complicated. “Which means that if Starfleet doesn’t come to the rescue, they’re going to starve. Which looks bad on the FNS. I’m sure even you can understand that.”

Due to these difficult and atypical conditions, the Constitution was allocated four Argo ground transport vehicles to facilitate the resupply operation.

While en-route, the crew, lead by Rajel, began an intensive re-training holo-sim, conducted by a simulacrum of an Old Earth terrestrial military drill instructor; dressed to the nines in an old-fashioned uniform, and an equally outdated attitude to boot. The sim featured challenging conditions, extreme terrain and simulated battle conditions, which the crew took to with their usual enthusiasm. A short but ultimately successful battle between two teams and a Tyrannosaurus Rex met them near the finish line.

In the finest Starfleet tradition, one team was commended for stopping short of winning a training race to aid fellow crew members. With the race concluded, the Constitution arrived at Gamma Orionis well prepared to face the challenges awaiting them on the moon below.

Written by Alex Blair

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