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Rear Admiral Renos wakes from coma while crew explore Class-O planet

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PLANET DQ-1908-P, DELTA QUADRANT — In a deep coma since an encounter with a previously unknown subspace species, Rear Admiral Renos regained consciousness unexpectedly while the USS Apollo crew explored a nearby planet.

Unresponsive for more than two weeks and under observation in the USS Apollo-A’s sickbay, Renos awoke from a coma suddenly and without explanation. Although the admiral had been returned physically intact to the Apollo after a meeting with the enigmatic quadrupedal subspace species now known as the Oophyd, the Renos remained inexplicably unconscious. Teams from the ship’s science and medical departments were flummoxed by the nature of the coma and the admiral’s sudden recovery.

“Ne just sat right up,” said Nurse Joy, who had been monitoring the admiral at the time. “If I hadn’t known that moments before ne had been in some kind of coma, I would never have believed there had been anything wrong with nem.”

Admiral Renos has thus far been unable to shed any light as to why ne was unconscious, or to recall any impressions of the time spent among the Oophyd, further frustrating efforts to understand the phenomena.

“I was in my Ready Room,” said Renos. “That’s the last thing I remember. The next thing I knew I woke up in Sickbay. There are some fragments of dream-like memories, strange sounds, bizarre visions, but none of it feels real.”

Having returned from surveying and exploring a Class-O planet inhabited only by animal and plant life, the crew anxiously awaited news of the health of their commanding officer. Despite the early reports that described the planet as a tropical paradise, crew members on the surface were forced to evacuate when unexpected seismic activity disrupted plans for a beach party. In an effort to boost morale, a recovered Admiral Renos made arrangements for a crew recognition ceremony to be held during a holographically simulated beach party, complete with perpetually setting sun, ample food and drink and even a volleyball net for leisure.

Written by Jarn Th’Braxa

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