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Festival of Ha’mara celebrations held as Bajorans mark twentieth anniversary of the Emissary’s sacrifice

Federation News Service

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BAJOR — The Bajoran Festival of Ha’mara was recently celebrated on Bajor and throughout Bajoran communities around the galaxy.

Twenty-years since the joining of the Emissary with the Celestial Temple have passed, and this year’s annual festival of Ha’mara was a special celebration. It has been twenty-six years since the festival began on Bajor, traditionally celebrated as the arrival of then Commander Sisko as the Emissary of the Prophets.

However, what was once a celebration of the arrival is now also a remembrance. As seen in previous years, the festival started with a period of fasting from sunrise to sunset. Once the sun goes down, the party atmosphere began, with a fabulous firework display rated as one of the best in the quadrant.

“It is a time of great contemplation on the suffering of others,” said Yirduk Pim, member of the Council of Ministers on Bajor. “We fast to understand the anguish and challenges of our predecessors, of the universe, and to reflect on the teachings of the Prophets.”

After the pyrotechnics, there were many local delicacies on offer such as Hasperat and Larish pie, similar to the human dessert of cheesecake. Also included in fare were Creole foods honouring Sisko’s heritage.

It is a tradition for the elder Bajorans to tell tales of Sisko and when they met. Sadly, the number of people to regale the tales dwindles with each passing celebration as generations join the Celestial Temple.

The Bajorans believe the Emissary will, when needed, come again to aid the plight of the people. Until then, they continue to celebrate the life of this human, this Starfleet officer, this Prophet, as the Bajorans believe he joined the Celestial Temple, becoming one with the Prophets, and will return when the need is great enough.

The FNS wishes to extend their wishes to the Bajorans and those who celebrated with the traditional greeting of “Happy Ha’mara.”

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