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USS Montreal assists Meridian Colony with global pandemic

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MERIDIAN — Starfleet officials have dispatched the USS Montreal to Meridian, a colony on the edge of the Shoals, upon learning that the population had been struck with a deadly plague.

It spread quickly and before long had become a global pandemic. Though the exact nature of the plague is still unknown at this stage, medical and science teams have reached out to the Crescent View Medical Research Facility to collaborate in an attempt to ascertain its origins and find a cure.

“Doctor Utesetha Mvan, the facility’s medical director, has been very responsive to our requests thus far,” Crewman Emily Brett commented. “Doctor Solok is a top-notch pathologist and we’re confident that his experience with this particular area of medicine will be an asset.”

In addition to aiding Meridian colony with curing their plague, Commander Mei’konda has also been tasked with approaching the Klingon inhabitants to support Federation efforts in the fight against the Tholian Assembly, who launched an unprovoked attack on Astrofori One nearly two months ago, destroying the station.

“The Klingons seem to have just as much beef with the Tholians as the Federation does at the moment,” said Petty Officer Jessie Hawkins. “Of course we don’t want an interstellar war with the Tholians. But it’s looking like war might be unavoidable and we’re going to need allies.”

Further developments on mission progress are pending.

Written by Lael Rosek

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