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Poll of the Week: À la carte

Laria Herren

Poll of the Week: À la carte  

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  1. 1. What type of food does your character avoid?

    • My character can’t handle the cuisine of the Ferengi Alliance or the Klingon Empire that often comes back from the kitchen still alive.
    • Vulcan food is a bit too bland and flavorless for my character’s liking.
    • Some Bolian seafood is too far past its sell-by date for my character.
    • My character can’t stand human food and prefers the taste of dishes alien to those from Earth.
    • As long as it isn’t replicated, my character isn’t that picky.
    • My character doesn’t really have any types of cuisine that they avoid.
    • Does your character have a different kind of food they stay away from? Let us know below!

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If you are looking for something to eat on a ship with replicators there is no shortage of options. Starfleet replicators have a massive library of recipes from across the Federation and beyond. It doesn’t matter what a Starfleet officer could want. Whether as simple as a piece of toast for breakfast or catering a dinner party for members of a dozen alien species, the replicator can provide. Simply push a button and ask for whatever dish is desired. And if on the off chance there is a food not already in the database the replicator pattern can be created and uploaded to the database.

However, everyone has their own preferences for food. Everyone has foods that they prefer not to eat if they can at all avoid it. It is unlikely that many people could go through the entire replicator database and not find some foods that they would dislike. This week’s poll asks you what dishes would not be found on your character’s table. What types of food can your character not stand? Be sure to cast your vote!

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Blaidd is actually quite adventurous when it comes to sampling foreign food. He usually prefers it spicy, but can deal with more bland dishes, too. However, there got to be meat on the table! Greens might serve as side dishes, but they don't make up for the lack of meat he craves.

Obviously he keeps clear of any culinary experience that is limited to the vegetarian or vegan route.

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Wallace prefers his food dead and cooked! NO Klingon dishes or Ferengi for him!  But.. if it's a survival situation... he... Well... No choice there right?

Edited by Wallace Williams
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