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Prime Directive mission of the USS Thor endangered by radioactive moon

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TYPHON EXPANSE — A Prime Directive mission by the crew of the USS Thor NCC-82607 has been hampered by the presence of unreported moon blanketing radiation over a newly discovered planet.

Upon investigating the planet within the Typhon Expanse, the crew of the Thor learned that a sinister moon within the orbit transmitted lethal radiation onto the surface. However, the effects were not confined to the planet alone and were beginning to affect the shielding, armour and hull of the Vesta-class starship.

In accordance with Starfleet General Order 1: The Prime Directive, “no Starfleet personnel may interfere with the normal and healthy development of alien life and culture”, nevertheless, suspecting that a violation or accidental contamination of said culture was in progress, Rear Admiral Toni Turner authorised a close examination of the pre-warp species in order to determine the cause of the radiation and the effect it had on the society.

Erecting duck blinds to allow the study of the inhabitants, the unknown species named Egrot, the crew were inoculated with anti-radiation medication to counteract the effects they were subjected to once beaming down to the surface. Once the away teams were established, holoemitters were utilised to disguise the crew as members of the Egrot species, appropriating soil samples and foliage to disguise their scent.

“It’s better that than a court-martial for violating the prime directive,” Lieutenant Alexander Brodie was overheard stating while applying the potent concoction to his skin.

Early investigations into the source and effect for the radiation seem to indicate the interference of the Zalkonians, due to particles of Zalkonian DNA discovered during examinations of irradiated Egrot people. The research continues.

Written by Toni Turner

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