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Ensign Wil Ukinix & Lt. JG G'var: Inevitability

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((Camp 2 Medical Tent, Day 119 - Late at night)) 

::Wil hesitated, and took a deep breath, before walking into the medical tent.:: 

:: Treet Treet  ::beat:: Chirl Chirl ::beat:: Rihm Rihm, G'var laid still and tried to rest as, whatever it was, continued to sing just outside the tent flap. Doc had given her something for the pain but she could still feel her hand. Try as she might she couldn't stop her fist from clenching and unclenching, the sensation was most unsettling and sleep would not come. Instead G'var had decided to focus on the Song outside, breathing in the floral scent of a bush not far away. Breathing deep the aroma, G'var let herself relax. Everyone was safe for now, they had found so many of the missing. Suddenly the song stopped, She kept her eyes closed as someone entered the tent, a faint smile formed on her face as she recognized Wil’s familiar scent.:: 

::Thinking that G’var was asleep, Wil went to turn around to leave - but spun around again when he heard G’var speak.:: 

G’var:::Opening her eyes::-Wil ::beat:: what brings you by? 

Ukinix: Hey there, Lieutenant. 

G’var:::looking Wil up and down::-How are you doing ::beat:: you're not injured? 

::Wil simply raised his eyebrows, and was surprised at her concern.:: 

Ukinix: ::Small laugh::  I’m fine.  More importantly though, how are you? 

:: Stifling a laugh, at the absurdity of the question. Looking down at her ruined arm, bruises were already formed on her abdomen and her legs had friction burns on them, She was mess. G'var smiled wider, it was a price she was willing to pay for the others.:: 

G’var:::waving her hand down her body::-Doing outstanding ::beat:: How are you doing. 

Ukinix: I’m not the one with half of my arm missing, G’var. 

::Seeing the  concern on Wil’s face and hearing the worry in his voice , G'var knew she shouldn't be so flippant. No one had ever shown her such genuine concern before.:: 

G’var:::taking a deep breath::-A price I was willing to pay ::beat:: My Team is alive ::beat:: you're safe ::looking to her ruined arm:: A price I was willing to pay. 

::Wil exhaled through his mouth.  He wasn’t sure he agreed, but he let it slide.  He decided to change the topic to what had been weighing heavily on his mind all day.:: 

Ukinix: Hey, um - do you remember briefly waking up, when Doctor Maxwell cauterized your wound? 

::Cocking her head, G'var gave Wil a quizzical look, thankfully she didn't remember that part of the Doc’s treatment, though she had a vague memory of floating.:: 

G’var:::smirking::-Thank Kahless, no ::beat:: I remember the Beast pouncing ::beat:: then swinging my blade ::beat:: then falling, after that just bits and pieces ::beat:: flashes really ::beat:: then waking up here- 

Ukinix: You yelled - screamed, in fact - out loud, and almost burst my eardrums in the process.  And you screamed my name.  It didn’t sound good.  I um - are you angry at me?  Was this my fault? 

G’var:::laughing:: What? ::motioning to her arm:: Was this your fault? You think I'm angry with you? 

Ukinix: I guess I thought maybe my singing attracted that thing. I mean, I hope it didn’t. 

::propping herself up on her elbow, G'var looked Wil in the eye, it seemed he was serious, what could ever make him think she was angry at him?:: 

G’var:::shaking her head::-No Wil I'm not angry with you for anything thing. My actions were my own. How could any of this be your fault. 

::Wil crossed his arms, and nodded slowly.  He couldn’t sense anger, but he knew what he had heard.:: 

Ukinix: Hmmm... 

G’var:::rolling her eyes::-I'm an honest being Wil ::beat:: If I'm ever angry with you, you're going to know ::beat:: cause I will tell you. You don't control my actions ::beat:: I do ::beat:: I never blame others for my actions. ::taking a deep breath:: I care too much for you Wil to ever be angry with you. Can you not say the same? 

::Wil took a moment to think.  He looked at G’var, and smiled.:: 

Ukinix:  OK, honestly?  You intrigue me.  And you scare me.  Although, ::looking down at G’var’s arm:: not at the moment.  ::English accent impersonation:: Right now, I fink you’re ‘armless. 

::G'var raised a brow and have Wil an incredulous stare.  Wil looked at G’var’s face, and opened his eyes a little.:: 

Ukinix: OK, bad joke. 

G’var:::smirking::-little too soon tool pusher ::holding her hand out:: Thank you though for try to make me laugh. 

::Wil gently held on to G’var’s hand.:: 

Ukinix: Of course I care about you, you’re my good friend.  I’ve made - being marooned on Limbo, I’ve made many good friends, from such different backgrounds.  ::Smiling::  Mum said I would, she was right.   

G’var:::exhaling::It's nice to be cared for. 

Ukinix: I need to ask you something.  I spoke to Wren tonight. She said that you ordered her to retreat back to the pod and cover you.  Why didn’t you just order her to fill that thing full of phaser fire?  Why take it on with nothing but a bat’leth? 

::Wil’s question was fair, why hadn't she ordered Wren to fire? The truth was she had made a mistake. G'var could blame the fire in her Klingon blood, the primal need to test oneself against a worthy foe. That would be lie, she had been caught of guard by the surprise of the attack, the need to keep everyone safe had blinded her. Now as she felt her phantom hand clench, she knew she had put them more in danger. Her injuries left her vulnerable and were a resource drain.:: 

G’var:::staring up at the tent roof:: I made a mistake Wil! ::growling:: I reacted and didn't think ::beat:: My training should have kicked in, but it didn't ::beat:: I could have gotten you all killed. 

::Wil looked at G’var.  He could sense the regret in her, which he didn’t expect.  He suddenly felt bad.:: 

Ukinix: No, wait, I - that question came out wrong.  Everything happened so quick, I’m not meaning to pick a split second decision to bits.  G’var, you succeeded, you *saved* our lives. 

G’var:::turning back to Wil::-Thank you ::beat:: it's still my mistake no matter how you sugar coat it. ::squeezing Wil’s hand:: Thank You  

::Wil smiled, and looked down, swallowing.  He came to a realisation that G’var wasn’t a reckless Klingon after all.  She was a Starfleet officer, and relatively fresh out of the Academy - just like he was.::

Ukinix:  We’re both new in Starfleet.  ::Smiling:: Hey, at least you didn’t suggest to Captain Rahman that we pull a Burnham and start a war by blowing up Tholians in their territory.

::Wil gave G’Var an embarrassed but reassuring smile.  Then his mouth made an “ooh” shape when he realised *who* he had just made the reference to.  He decided to quickly smooth it over by changing the subject.::

Ukinix: Cole did an amazing job, treating you in the field like that.

G'var:::smirking:: Bicondova said something similar when she came by earlier ::beat:: she also told me how you where stroking my cheek when I was unconscious ::smirking: -I do seem to recall you stroking my cheek.

Ukinix: No, I didn’t - ::frustrated sigh:: - she said that to me too.  I *didn’t* stroke your cheek!

G’var:::cocking her head:: Bicondova was quit descriptive ::beat:: about the tenderness you showed.

Ukinix: She’s wrong.  I *patted* your cheek.  Quite firmly!  To keep you awake.

G’Var:::giving Wil a sultry look:: Not how she described it Pusher.

Ukinix: ::Rolling his eyes:: Then Wren is full of it.

::Wil’s could sense warmth from G’var.  They had a professional relationship and he respected her immensely, but it had also been flirtatious at times.::

G’Var:::lifting a brow::- Is the thought of stroking my cheek that distasteful to you Wil?

Ukinix: What?  Oh, no not at all, I -

G’var:::squeezing Wil’s hand a little stronger::-I it’s like we're engaged Wil ::beat:: It's was just a kind act ::beat:: You’ve shown me more kindness than I deserve. You make me laugh, and I feel I can be myself around you. You stood next me when I need you, and you asked for nothing in return.

Ukinix: Ah - well I might get you to source me some blood wine -

::Wil’s sensed that warmth turn into something more. He wasn’t sure what to say, nor what to do.::

G'var::laying back down::-What's that Terran phrase ::beat:: You've hit the Jackcauldron?

Ukinix: ::Smiling:: “Jackpot”.  It’s Jackpot.

::Wil took a deep breath, and looked at G’var.  It wasn’t lost on him what G’var was feeling.  He smiled, looked away, and looked back again.  She was attractive, even though he knew she could snap him in half.::

Ukinix: ::Teasingly:: You’re a Lieutenant now, isn’t there a Starfleet rule about fraternising with lower ranked crew?

G’var:::raising a brow::that's not how that works Wil.

::Wil leaned forward, and put his other hand around hers.::

Ukinix:  ::Quietly:: We gotta focus on helping get everyone off of Limbo.

::Rolling her head back, G'var knew Wil was right, they still had a Mission to complete, the Crew were counting on them to get them back to New Risa and off this rock. Still they had two months, it wasn't like she was going to get off the cot right this second and start a forced march. Looking up to Wil G'var decided to go for broke. Reach up she grabbed Wil by his collar and pulled him lower.::

G’var:::winking::-You're so dense for a pusher sometimes.

::With that G'var leaned up and gave Wil a Kiss, not between friends, but what she hoped was something more. After a few seconds she let go of Wil’s collar and laid back down.::

G'var:::smiling::-You get me now ::beat:: or do I need to draw it out in the sand for you?

::Wil suddenly had multiple flashbacks.  His first girlfriend, who’d left him for another player at his footy club.  The occasional female friend in his gap years before starting at the Academy.  Kissing the Andorian woman when they were paired together for a training session at the Academy.  But other than that, he’d only really had one focus in his life - joining Starfleet.::

Ukinix: Oh, G’var.  Bloody hell…

::He looked at her, and decided he couldn’t fight it anymore.::

Ukinix: ::Cheeky smile:: If you start throwing stuff at me, I’m leaving.

::Wil leaned in, and gently kissed G’var.::

::G'var returned the kiss. Pulling Wil closer running her hand through his hair. G'var had never experienced these emotions before, no one had ever given them back either. All her life she had never experienced love. She tried not to laugh at the absurdity of finding Love on this mudhole. G'var revelled in the sensation for a few more seconds then then leaned back down.

Wil could sense a “soothing” feeling in G’var, although he couldn’t quite explain or comprehend it.::

G'var::placing a hand on Wil’s cheek::-Don't worry I don't throw things ::beat:: I do have an iron mallet though ::smiling:: don't worry Pusher ::beat:: It's gonna be awhile before we get that far.

::Wil put his hand on her arm.::

Ukinix: ::Laughing, nodding:: OK.

G'var::holding out her hand::-For now just sit with me ::beat:: I could use the company. ::beat:: tell me how the debriefing went with the camp ::beat:: and Wil ::beat:: if you draw another sand table ::beat:: I will start throwing things ::smiling::

::Wil sat on the cot, next to G’var, and held her hand.::

Ukinix: Well, Captain Nickson suggested we shouldn’t leave until you feel better - that makes sense.  But I’m sure we’ll all leave real soon.  It’s the logical thing to do.

::As a small muscle spasm ran down her leg, G'var silently agreed, admittedly she wanted to leave as soon as possible as well, but seeing as how even breathing caused her pain right now, she could see the Logic in resting as well. G'var continued to hold Wil’s hand as he debriefed her on how the Camp took their news. Squeezing just a little tighter, she was comforted by Wil’s Presence and the start of what she hoped was something much more than friendship.::



Lieutenant Junior Grade G'var
Security/Tactical Officer
USS Veritas 


Ensign Wil Ukinix
Engineering Officer
USS Veritas

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