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Are modern Vulcans refusing to engage in ritualistic pon farr to pursue career goals?

Federation News Service

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Dresden Mitchell investigates changing attitudes on Vulcan towards the centuries-old tradition in part one of a series.

The seven-year mating ritual undertaken by the Vulcan, pon farr, requires individuals to find a suitable mate and bond. However, recent years have seen a surge of medical alternatives flood the market to combat the neurochemical imbalances associated with the ritual, prompting the question – are the modern youth of Vulcan focusing on their career advancement instead?

There has been a vast number of young adult Vulcans recently that are using questionable methods of medical practices to further their careers rather than partake in what their forefathers have done for millennia.

“We believe that this age-old practice is not logical,” said one Vulcan I talked to who wished to remain anonymous. “It hinders any kind of scientific or any other achievements. When we are ready to find a suitable mate, it should be our logical choice.”

How they are combating these urges is relatively unknown; although, one of these medical alternatives has recently been made public. A Terran plant mixed with herbs found only on the planet Vulcan can release a more productive neurological response, which negates the primal urges of Vulcans.

No one knows for sure who started this little revolution, but older Vulcans think this is just a phase and it’ll pass by with little to no effect.

“These young Vulcans can hardly resist the effect of pon farr all the while reaching a more mature state of mind,” said Professor Moruk of the Vulcan Science Academy.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Dresden Mitchell’s special report.

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