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Three dead in hostage situation at Jupiter Station

Federation News Service

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JUPITER STATION — During a hostage situation in the central port transport station, a bomb detonated, killing three people and injuring five.

Starfleet Security rushed the station where an Orion male held several hostages under threat of explosion. One Trill female suffered severe head injuries, however, it is unclear if the injuries were sustained by the suspect or during the altercation with the authorities.

The suspected bomber carried a homemade explosive device smuggled through the docking port customs gate and into the main plaza of the central transport station. Reportedly, the device was undetectable by Starfleet sensors and has been removed from the site pending an investigation into the composition.

“Everyone was screaming and shouting ‘He’s got a bomb!’ It was so confusing,” explained Ensign Graski, a scientist assigned to Jupiter Station. “But the green guy was just stone silent. Didn’t say a word.”

Negotiators were drafted in from the security and ambassadorial departments to ascertain the nature of the suspect’s intentions, though no common ground was reached. Taking an opportune shot from an unmanned security phaser bank, station security downed the suspect, but he managed to detonate a small device on impact with the ground. Several hostages in the immediate surrounding area were hit with shrapnel, and three were killed at the scene. Five others suffered energy discharge injuries.

Due to procedures installed and rigorously tested, once the bomb threat was broadcast to the station, an evacuation to safe zones was immediate. All transport traffic ceased, leading to multiple delays across Jupiter Station and incoming transport cancellations for Milky Way starships.

Now in custody, the suspect has been detained on station and confined to a secured sickbay undergoing treatment for internal phaser wounds, with possible nerve damage due to proximity to the explosive. Investigators found no identification on the Orion and no known reference in the LCARS database. So far, the suspect has remained silent, refusing to answer questions.

No official statement has been received from the Starfleet Security department of Jupiter Station. Further reports will follow upon new information. Jupiter Station’s transport hub was reopened shortly after the investigation had concluded. Service to the station has resumed from Mars.

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