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Federation Cultural Society names Andoria “Best Planet to Visit”

Federation News Service

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LONDON, EARTH — The Federation Cultural Society announced the Andorian homeworld as the winner of their annual travel contest.

Once each year, the Federation Cultural Society features a system that is often overlooked or underestimated as a vacation spot. In the past, they have focused on such diverse locales as Cestus III and Nimbus. This year’s spotlight is what many have called the “Icy Jewel” – Andoria!

Don’t let its frosty reputation fool you. The Andorians are a warm and welcoming people. You are sure to find an abundance of rest and relaxation at this travel destination among the stars.

The Andorian system, also known as the Kay’va system, is located in the Beta Quadrant within Sector 006. The homeworld of the blue-skinned Andorians is actually a moon orbiting a ringed gas giant which makes for outstanding visuals in the clear night skies. The planet has a long and storied history but has flourished since its people helped birth the Federation as a founding member. The rotational period of the world is 32 hours – a bit longer than the Federation standard. But the Federation Cultural Society believes that will only allow for more daylight to enjoy the sights on this cool planet.

Speaking of “cool” – definitely pack your thermal jacket. The surface temperatures stay well below zero centigrade, though rare heatwaves can send the temperature soaring above this. Because of low temperatures, most settlements are located in subterranean tunnels and caves. A true winter wonderland!

The largest city on the planet is Lor’Tan, though the government operates from the capital of Laibok. Many fine tourist destinations can be found in both urban centers. Schedule a visit to Andor’s Art Academy which is considered one of the preeminent educational institutions within the entire Federation. Paintings by D’Vel Miza and rock sculptures by Skaasst the Horta can be found within the halls of the school.

The Andorian Mountains that connect the Kul’Tan and Ka’Thela continents are breathtakingly beautiful. The majestic spires have become the inspiration of many local poets. Species with ocular sensory organs will no doubt enjoy a visit to this geological masterpiece. In fact, its a favorite destination spot for newlywed couples.

Make sure to spend some time sampling the local cuisine. Popular drinks on Andoria include katheka, a stimulant drink similar to Terran coffee, and srjula, a tart, yellow tea. The Andorian tuber root is a versatile vegetable that is a popular ingredient in an array of dishes. Andorian ale is the most popular alcoholic beverage. Why not take a case home with you? It’s still blue, and you won’t run into the nasty export problems that Romulan ale brings with it! A single word of caution, though. If someone offers you shaysha, politely decline. This orange-speckled beetle is often served to unwary offworlders as a practical joke.

“There is a special place in my heart for Andoria,” said recent Starfleet Academy graduate Ensign Jona ch’Ranni, who is himself a native of Andoria. “The ice fields of this planet are second to none. You won’t find a better place.”

The Federation Cultural Society agrees. That is why they have named Andoria the “Best Planet to Visit in 2396.” Come see Andoria – the “Icy Jewel.”

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