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Seventh generation officer takes center stage as new XO for StarBase 118 Ops

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TRINITY SECTOR — After a grueling Targ hunt, the StarBase 118 Ops crew had no hang-ups of delving head first into shore leave and getting to know the wave of new officers and their new XO.

Just as soon things seemed to settle down, something had to happen to turn it upside down. Lieutenant Commander Elspeth had just started to settle in, the crew took to her unique addition with haste, but suddenly she was urgently recalled home. Starfleet was quick to pick up a replacement for her, a very young Lieutenant Commander Killoy.

The crew took the earliest chance to scope out the newest member of the crew. What they found was an overly bubbly and a greatly smiling woman with much to prove. An impending mission to see what this Officer is capable of is greatly anticipated.

After a chaotic, yet once in a lifetime experience of, hunting Targ alongside the Klingons, the crew were quick to plunge into shore leave. A huge party was thrown in their honour, where several members of the staff received ribbons for their efforts. Lieutenant Commander Aitas received the Peacekeeping Service Ribbon. Fresh from the academy and thrown into the deep end, Ensign Reema Poq, received the Lifesaving Ribbon.

Captain Taybrim was eager to award promotions too, promoting Ensign Kalara Avran and Angelo Valentino to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Marine Captain, respectively. Both shining examples of the future of Starfleet and the Federation.

Shore leave was a hit. The crew dispersed, ready to throw off the weight of the uniform even if just for a little while. Due to an influx of Ensigns, many officers found themselves eager to get to know one another. Groups parted off for dinner dates and relaxed evenings of interspecies information exchange, while the children of the staff made new friends that seemed like old ones.

However, Ensigns weren’t the only new faces around. Lieutenant Commander Taelon, thought lost to time, had recently been discovered on Tumar III. The once Chief of Science had started a family several decades in the past. He was welcomed back by crew and family alike. Taelon’s daughter was also brought into the fold though she seemed to still need some time to adjust.

“We don’t mind a break here and there,” Crewmen T’T’lia of the support ship, USS Nerandra, said. “But really? We’re out here the adventure and excitement.”

Concluding a well-deserved rest, after having been chased through the jungle by beasts the size of small shuttles, the crew reportedly feels energized and fueled to take on the universe once more.

Written by Nijil

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