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USS Gorkon celebrates with Tyrellians and Bajorans during Ha’mara and the Festival of Stars on Palanon

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YARISTIA, PALANON — The USS Gorkon returns to the Tyrellian Sector and resumes standard operations, culminating in a celebration on Palanon for seasonal festivals.

Orbiting the Tyrellian inhabited planet of Palanon, the crew of the USS Gorkon NCC-82293, continue their guideline operations to resume their daily routine and put the recent trauma behind them. Several of the crew were seen checking in with their new Counsellor, Ensign Corliss Fortune, and reports indicate progress is being made.

Alongside, Chief Engineer Tasha MacFarlane is reported to be building a personal shuttlecraft, to her own design, which has been a source of focus for those technically motivated on board. MacFarlane is known for her eccentricity and the venture is known colloquially as “Project Unicorn”. Rumoured to include elements of other technologies aside from Federation, there is much fervour around the development, although the Chief is keeping tight-lipped about the plans themselves.

Hoping to help in the recovery of the ship’s crew, Lieutenant Thoran Sevo, former 451st Ranger and relation of Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo, has involved some interested jacks in hand-to-hand combat training. Reportedly, the training is taking well and the crew are learning new techniques that will aid in their personal defence in the future.

“He likes throwing us around, old Marine and he shouts like it too,” explained Petty Officer Robert Peek, stretching out after a grafting session. “The Klingon style of mok’bara teaches like… fluidity in the body and the… what’s it called… the mind! Cleansing the… thing inside, not an organ… the soul! That’s it.”

Around the Bajoran settled Mojana District of Yarista City, the newly joined Lieutenant JG Ferier Kian – formerly Ferier Lanta – and friends were spotted partaking of local cuisine and commercial ventures, including picking up some of the rare wood imported from the forests of Bajor.

With the Bajoran Ha’mara, a fasting celebration of the Emissary of the Prophets, and the upcoming Tyrellian Festival of Stars, many were seen to be enjoying the delights the planet and capital city had to offer, if not actively participating in the festivities themselves.

Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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