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Cygnetian Assembly ratifies new constitution, reaffirms Federation membership

Federation News Service

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CYGNET XIV — After several years of governmental reform, the Cygnetian governmental crisis ends with a new Constitution, government and remains within the Federation.


Last week, the reformed Cygnetian Assembly, containing members directly elected from various districts rather than the previous Circles and Councils, passed the Second Cygnetian Treaty of Unification, a treaty that finalizes the new government and constitution, by a vote of 690-63, with most of the holdouts being the core of the previous clans on the Council of Matriarchs.

This treaty focuses on liberalizing the political structure and eliminating much of the shadow law that denied male Cygnetians the right to serve in the government, although many blocks still exist in the religious and upper political structures. However, they reaffirmed their desire to stay a full member of the Federation, and are in the process of sending new representatives who are directly elected in a planet-wide plebiscite instead of being named by the Council as was before.

“We thank the wisdom of Salura Aronlight and the patience and forbearance of our citizens,” said First Speaker Ali Earoni, formerly a Fourth Circle Councilor. “We are again ratified as one under the heavens, and will face the trials upon our paths with the aid of our fellow starfarers in the Federation.”

“The Cygnetians are surprisingly traditional and few leave their home system,” explained Dr. Keahvon, of the Cerebus Group, a San Francisco think tank. “The fact that they have opened positions is by itself a proof positive that the egalitarian ideals of the Federation are changing them, generation by generation.”

However, the ongoing legal convulsions surrounding the former members of the Council of Matriarchs and protests from some more traditional members of the populace are a cause for concern, according to Professor Emil Arbelaez, chairman of political science at Pike City University on Cestus III.

“About a hundred years or so, they passed many of these same laws to normalize their relations,” clarified Professor Arbelaez. “And the Klingons are beginning to realize what having them as a neutral or favorable power to them would mean, which would explain many of their diplomatic moves in the sector. Couple that with the perception that this new government is persecuting the old one, and the general experience that overthrow of a government has ramifications and it would be wise to keep an eye out on this new government.”

In a statement issued to the press, President Narala dismissed any concerns, stating, “We are cheered to see that the Cygnetians remain in the Federation, and take more steps towards true equality in their internal government. We will always be ready to help them on this path.”

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