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Havley Mining Corporation CEO arrested by USS Veritas crew

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HAVLEY’S HOPE – Starit Proz, the CEO Of one of the largest mining corporations in the Federation was arrested and detained by the crew of the USS Veritas on charges of slavery and corruption.

Among other crimes, Proz is accused of acquiring and hiding twenty-seven Orion slaves, in violation of multiple Federation trafficking laws. Proz is also believed to have been involved in the disappearance of several miners, and in covering up the existence of a recently discovered alien race living beneath the surface of Havley’s Hope.

Havley’s Hope has been a Federation colony for decades, but its remote location has left it largely under the exclusive control of Havley Mining Corporation, which has full mineral rights to the planet. It is unknown how long they’ve known about the existence of the apparently native species, however, Starfleet and Colonial Coalition sources indicate there will be a full investigation.

Starfleet’s first contact with the insectoid aliens came when a Veritas away team sent to investigate the missing miners was itself kidnapped and held prisoner by a hostile faction of the aliens. With the help of a more friendly faction of the insectoids (and some modifications to the Veritas transporter systems), the remaining crew were able to retrieve the missing away team and make an official first contact meeting with one of the faction’s leaders, known as Tk’ton.

“Tk’ton and his people seemed genuinely interested in establishing a meaningful relationship with the Federation,” said Chief Petty Officer Lunat Drys, Captain Roshanara Rahman’s yeoman. “We just wished that the meeting came under better circumstances and that no one got hurt.”

Along with the Orion slaves, the crew of the Veritas was also able to retrieve most of the missing miners, who are expected to make full recoveries. The Veritas remains in orbit of Havley’s Hope to assist in ongoing diplomatic efforts, and to provide its crew with some much-needed shore leave.

Written by Evan Delano

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