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Comic book hero returns: a look at the spectacular new Jamie Galactic holonovel

Federation News Service

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NEW ATLANTIS, RISA — This week marks the return of the Federation’s own comic book hero, Jamie Galactic and the Atom Blasters, kicking off their new adventure in style.

A mysterious absence, a long-lost love, and an old enemy rising from the ashes, this new holoseries promises to wipe out everything you knew about the galaxies number one action hero. Things have changed in the universe and not for the better. Our first look at the fresh series has this reporter already chomping at the bit for more.

We left the Atom Blasters in the previous series at a turning-point and a cruel twist of fate. Major Star, the series’ long-running nemesis had been brought to heel but not in the manner many of the dedicated fans had been hoping for. An ancient evil, known only as Agent Extreme has resurfaced from the cracked ruins of an Iconian Gateway and threatens the very existence of the universe as they know it.

“Jamie is facing some of the hardest tests of her young life in the coming series,” Trill showrunner Barzess Tugol elaborated. “We’re hoping that as Jamie’s fan base has grown up, they will appreciate this fresh take on the adventures and love what we’ve got in store.”

When questioned at a recent panel about their switch in direction for the series, namely taking a darker turn in the years preceding the death of the Princess Mighty, Tugol placated as much as possible.

“Yeah, we’ve still got some of the old adage in there,” said Tugol. “Can’t have the Atomblasters without the Gyrofoxes, am I right?”

It is still unknown if Evan Zap will be making an appearance in the new series, or if the “long-lost love” teased will be a new interest. Tugol declined to quote on the controversial topic; however, there have been rumours of delays in production due to complications in contracts. Understandably, the show has had problems in the past concerning previous cast members such as Professor Cobalt.

“Some just want more,” Tugol was overheard at a recent Risan convention. “Sometimes we just have to cut a story dead. There wasn’t a way we could introduce certain characters into the story again without rewriting entire backstories, and that just makes fans agitated if we don’t stick to the canon.”

Will this be an epic journey to protect the universe from cataclysmic destruction? Will Jamie ever see Evan Zap again? Who is the mysterious Agent Extreme?

Find out in the next exciting episode of Jamie Galactic and the Atom Blasters coming to a holodeck near you!

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