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Zakdorn suspicions revived in build up to USS Apollo-A relaunch

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ZETA-GELIS REGION — Starfleet and Zakdorn relations feel the strain as the next phase of ‘Project Full Circle’ prepares to launch.

With the successful refit of the Odyssey-Class USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A), having been carried out and overseen by Zakdorn Stratigo Bokzadema Bokzadeshti, thoughts in Starfleet Command turned to events surrounding the last ship produced by the Beta Quadrant species: the USS Vigilant.

Harbouring feelings of being undervalued by the Federation, Bokzadeshti had hidden monitoring devices in various locations aboard the Vigilant, a severe breach of security, as well as trust, something which has not been lost on the Apollo’s incoming Commanding Officer, Rear Admiral Renos.

“I am, of course, aware of the incident, which was a few years ago,” said Renos. “I have instructed my crew to remain extra… vigilant, for want of a better word, but there is no doubt in my mind that the Zakdorn were the best people to ensure the success of the Apollo’s renovations.”

The Zakdorn’s reputation as unmatched strategists does indeed make them the ideal candidates for such work and therefore valuable members of the Federation. Thus, the project was intended to go some way to smoothing tensions and cementing their Federation status. However, until the Apollo is found to be entirely clear of any such unauthorised tampering, no doubt suspicions will remain.

“Starfleet’s concerns are unwarranted,” claimed Bokzadeshti. “The Odyssey-Class is a project much more worthy of my people’s abilities. Besides, another less… intellectually capable race could never have completed the work to the same standard.”

Meanwhile, the buzz of excitement on the expansive bridge of the Apollo has been palpable, as the newly assigned crew begin to form new friendships or renew old ones with their fellow officers. For many of the crew, this will be their first foray into the still largely unexplored Delta Quadrant, however, evidently the spirit of Starfleet is alive and well in these brave pioneers, whose primary mission as the next phase of ‘Project Full Circle’ will be to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilisations and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Written by Jarn Th’Braxa

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