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Why does my post show up in Google Groups but not in my inbox?

John Williams

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In Gmail on the left sidebar if you click the More option below Inbox it will expand the menu out. You can select All Mail and it will show every item (ones you have received and sent both). I use this to gauge where my last email falls in relation to ones I have received since then.

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It has something to do with the fact that Gmail's able to recognize when an email sent to a list – especially Google Groups. So when the email comes from the group with your address, it just "deletes" that email and threads what's in your Sent folder. 

As @Jona ch'Ranni said, you can always just check your All Mail/Sent folders. Another thing to do is set up a Gmail filter that searches for anything sent to an email list, and then have it labeled – i.e.- "Gorkon sim" / "Gorkon OOC". That way you can just drop into that label to see your post. 

But if you're looking to confirm your email got to the list, you'll need to go to the group page itself. 

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I'm not sure if this will help, but I was able to use filters in gmail to ensure all 118 emails go to the same place, including ones I've sent. I set up a "Starbase 118" label, and whenever an email from SB118 ends up in my inbox, I filter it. For example, one filter is:


Matches: from:(sb118-montreal-ooc+noreply@googlegroups.com)
Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label "118 Starbase 118", Never send it to Spam

The nice thing about it being "from" the Google Group address is that I didn't have to set up filters for every individual writer in the Montreal Sim (that being said, there are a few individuals or lists (like the webmaster, my mentor, or the fleet news) that required individual filters).

I can explain the process for adding labels and filters in detail if needed.



(Side note: the label is actually "118 Starbase 118" because "Starbase 118" put it too far down my labels list alphabetically.)

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