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Poll of the Week: Best Friendship of Star Trek

Anath G'Renn

Poll of the Week: Best Friendship of Star Trek  

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  1. 1. What was your favorite friendship in Star Trek?

    • James T. Kirk and Spock
    • Jean-Luc Picard and Guinan
    • Data and Geordi LaForge
    • Tom Paris and Harry Kim
    • Jonathan Archer and Trip Tucker
    • Julian Bashir and Miles O’Brien
    • Have a different friendship in mind? Let us know which on-screen friendship you liked best below!

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In Star Trek most members of the crew interact off duty as well as during their regularly assigned duties. Entire stories can be based around the interactions between the crew when there isn’t a Romulan warbird or an exploding star driving the action. While some members of the crew are simply colleagues or may even dislike each other, others share a much stronger bond.

Aboard Deep Space Nine, if you see Doctor Bashir it’s a good bet that Chief O’Brien is nearby. Whether they are storming the Alamo together or playing darts in Quark’s the two are almost inseparable. Meanwhile, aboard the Enterprise D, Captain Picard could always turn to his old friend Guinan for advice. In the 23rd century, Captain Kirk and Commander Spock went through a lot together. They stuck together throughout their historic mission of exploration that saw them encounter all manners of hostile aliens, new civilizations, and even sent them back in time on multiple occasions. These trials forged a strong friendship between the two that went far beyond colleagues or even captain and first officer. This week’s poll asks you to look back at the friendships between characters that developed throughout the franchise and pick your favorite. Let us know which was your favorite friendship below!

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Kirk and Spock, but a lot of other good ones there. I think you have to use the movies along with the STOS for this one.

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DS9 is my favourite for this very reason.  I believe that this series above all the others focused on the every day aspect of life in Starfleet and the relationships in it were better played and written.


Like others have said, Julian and Garak were the best representations of that, with Julian and Miles close behind in my opinion.

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