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Starbase 118 accompanies Klingons on targ hunt

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TUMAR II — Invited to a targ hunt by old friend Counselor Dempok, the crew of Starbase 118 soon learned there was more to the party than first met the eye.

The crew of Starbase 118 received an invitation from an old friend, Counsellor Dempok, whose warbird and quick action helped them survive the battle that destroyed the USS Albion. Invited to join him on Tumar II for a targ hunt, Captain Taybrim quickly suspected there were ulterior motives to the invitation.

Arriving on Tumar II, the crew were treated to a party and introduced to the sport of targ hunting – a bloody and competitive chase, where opposing teams are encouraged to beat one another as they are out to hunt targs in the forest.

“We find there is much more sport in targ hunting if it’s fraught with peril,” explained Choresh, member of the hunting society. “‘IwlIj jachjaj!”

The crew split into teams, consolidating their efforts to accomplish additional objectives.

Captain Taybrim, Lieutenant Commander Trel’lis, Lieutenant Commander Aitas, and Lieutenant Commander Elspeth accompanied the Counsellor into the wilderness, and Taybrim found his hunch regarding the motives behind the invitation to be correct. Lieutenant Valentino led a team to explore ruins in the jungle that were emitting strange signals, facing the dangers of the Tumarian jungles. Doctor Nijil’s team took off in pursuit of targs, and Lieutenant Kasun soon derailed her own team when she believed that her lost brother, Taelon, might be present on Tumar II.

Meanwhile, new arrivals boarded the USS Narendra, ready to join the surface teams on their adventures – Ensigns Avran, Daniels, Tullus, Laxan, and Off.

Written by Elspeth

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