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Hopes mounting as Starfleet responds to commercial quantum slipstream liner disappearance

Federation News Service

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SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — With the quantum slipstream liner Red Star still missing, a press conference was called at Starfleet headquarters spearheaded by Starfleet officials alongside Red Carrier, the owner of the commercial passenger liner at the center of the media storm.

“It is with our strongest endeavor to do everything in our power to find the Red Star and return the passengers and crew to their families,” said Alexander Ohera, a spokesperson from Starfleet.

Red Carrier chairman Seeshu Rebal was, unfortunately, unable to attend the press conference due to private circumstances on Bajor following the disappearance of the liner; however, Public Relations representative Maria Karn delivered the official information from Red Carrier in his stead.

“Red Carrier is doing everything we can to assist the investigation and gain much-needed answers for families of the affected,” Karn asserted. “The specialized search and rescue operation launched by Starfleet receives Red Carrier’s full support. We feel like that is the best possible course of action at this time.”

As suspicions and accusations regarding what could have possibly caused the disappearance of the illustrious liner circle social media outlets and local news, including a widely publicised accusation of the mishandling of the vessel, the reputation of Captain Amadeus has come under fire. Red Carrier could only provide high praise and commend him for his actions thus far in a long and distinguished career.

“Captain Amadeus and First Officer Maria Gomez are highly experienced,” Karn reassured. “It is unlikely there was individual error involved and we fully advise against speculation without supporting information.”

When questioned about what Starfleet is planning to do, Ohera gave a fuller picture of the response thus far.

“Starfleet has cancelled multiple shore leave requests and issued overriding orders to find the Red Star to a select number of specialized vessels across our fleet,” said Ohera. “All other vessels have been informed and are on alert.”

While this does mean that Starfleet is performing a search and rescue operation of a civilian vessel, the intentions of Starfleet has come under attack. Questioned heavily regarding the increased level of response to a commercial matter, whether this is to find closure for the families in the event the vessel is officially declared lost or to prevent the quantum slipstream technology from being retrieved by hostile entities operating inside of Federation space, Ohera was quick to dismiss such notions.

“Starfleet sympathizes with the families and friends of those affected, and our first priority is to recover crew and passengers,” he said, amidst growing tension in the room. “We must not forget the quantum slipstream technology is a complex applied science utilized throughout the Federation. We will act strongly to prevent this becoming available outside of our jurisdiction.”

As the “quantum struggle” is awakened again, this matter is rapidly receiving increased attention. Issues raised following the accident aboard the SS Atlantic are transmigrating to the Red Star, with such concerns as whether the technology is viable for commercial liners at present alongside the fear of an increased number of missing vessels. Starfleet wishes to remind the public that any information about the Red Star should be forwarded to Starfleet Command.

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