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Starfleet Classified Report: USS Veritas returns to the present time – mission successful

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CLASSIFIED LEVEL 10 – The USS Veritas managed to return to the present after dealing with the Borg and Omega molecules in the past.

This report is classified at level 10 and is not to be accessed by Starfleet personnel below the rank of Captain.

The USS Veritas, NCC-95035, has returned to the present after their work to neutralize a Borg threat to the Ohanze, a native Shoals species, several hundred years in the past. Log buoys that were deployed by the Veritas in the past, to be decoded by Starfleet this year, helped to piece together a picture of what happened before the Veritas herself returned and her senior staff could be interviewed.

The counterparts of Captain Roshanara Rahman and Commander Mei’konda Delano, Lieutenant Commander Rahman and Ensign Mei’konda respectively, have been returned to 2390 with their memories erased. Temporal Investigations plans on restoring these memories now that the Veritas is back.

“Time travel anomalies pose tend to pose unique challenges, and this was no exception,” Lieutenant Commander Evan Delano, acting Captain during this mission, stated to Temporal Investigations. “While we were forced to make some difficult decisions regarding the Omega Directive, the timeline appears to be unmodified, and both the Veritas and her crew are in good condition.”

The Veritas crew have been cleared of any possible wrongdoing in their actions in the past, due to the presence of the Omega threat.

Written by Mei’konda

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