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Starfleet ranger missing in action near Tholian border

Federation News Service

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THE SHOALS — After weeks of no contact, Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim has been declared missing in action as search parties find no trace of the Starfleet ranger or his runabout.

The Starfleet Rangers are the individual supporters of colonies – Starfleet’s answer to calls for more presence in the areas of up and coming settlements when resources are scarce. Those with the best qualities Starfleet has to offer leave the collective safety of a crewed starship or deep space installation and venture out solo to assist civilians in their quest to explore strange new worlds and call them home.

One such officer was Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim, sent to a remote world on the border of what Starfleet has considered contested space in a little-known area of the Shoals region. Lieutenant na-Soldim’s mission was to survey the Thura system in preparation for the establishment of an observatory outpost. When na-Soldim missed two scheduled check-ins, Colonial Coalition Marshals Service deputies began a search for him, but no sign of the ranger was found.

The area is known for rare appearances of Tholian scout vessels, though none have ever ventured as close to Federation territory as the Thura system, which is close to the Colonial Coalition colony world of Havley’s Hope.

“We are doing everything in our power to locate Lieutenant na-Soldim. At this time, we have ruled the Thura system off-limits to civilian vessels. Though we are looking into other possibilities, Tholian involvement has not been ruled out,” said Coalition Marshals spokesperson Saeyai Jea in a statement to the FNS. “Our thoughts go to Lieutenant na-Soldim’s family, and we ask that any information regarding his whereabouts be sent to us immediately.”

To date, there are just a handful of Starfleet rangers within the Shoals, sometimes even assigned to watch over entire sectors – far beyond any one person’s typical capability. Since na-Soldim’s disappearance, there have been calls for the rangers to “return home.”

“These are individuals asked to ‘handle’ entire an entire star system’s worth of people!” said Coalition activist Sarah Scotsman on Antor II. “Colonies ask for patrolling vessels to make us feel safer, crews to lead the way and assist with scientific endeavors, and they send one person? They ask us to wait for confirmation from their one-man surveyor before we can establish an observatory, and he mysteriously goes missing near Tholian space. Starfleet’s response is for our Marshals to look for him? We are better off on our own. Starfleet should send a crew or none at all.”

Aagan Eislas, a member of the Twentieth House of Betazed, which is known for its ongoing support of Betazoid colonies far from the homeworld, believes it’s not that simple.

“Starfleet is not here to manage civilian colonies, and they’re not here to provide resources,” said Eislas as he addressed concerns on Donova IV. “Colonies that branch away from home must be prepared for a certain lack of support. Starfleet are explorers, defenders, and diplomats. To have them is a luxury – they simply cannot be everywhere and anywhere, at every settlement’s beck and call – nor should they be. We are losing focus on what’s important: a man is missing. The Coalition’s focus should not be on a political statement but on ensuring that a missing Starfleet officer is returned home safely to his family.”

Anyone with information regarding Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim is asked to contact authorities immediately.

This article was written by Lt. Cmdr. Sky Blake of the USS Veritas.

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