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Poll of the Week: Star Trek is...

Laria Herren

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On September 8th, 1966 the original series of Star Trek premiered on NBC. Despite being intended as a later episode in the series, the episode “The Man Trap” was chosen to be the premiere episode for its horror-like plot. As the anniversary of Star Trek’s US premiere approaches, we reflected on how much the franchise has grown over the past fifty-one (a few days away from fifty-two) years. Star Trek has expanded to include a handful of television series, fourteen movies, and countless other spin-off works. The franchise has many fans across the world, presumably including the members of this group.

Each of us got our love of Star Trek from somewhere, and we all have our own reasons for liking it so much. Why anyone is a fan of a particular series is a matter of personal feelings and how they look at the series. We want to hear from you about why you love Star Trek. Given how personal the answer to that question will be for everyone, this week’s poll is going to be a bit different. There are no answer choices. There is only the question. What is Star Trek to you? Let us know what the series means to you and why you love it below!

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Star Trek is a nostalgic thing for me, I grew up watching TNG with my father and stepmother. I was always fascinated by science fiction over fantasy and the seemingly limitless count of aliens and worlds and dangers those stories held. Star Trek in all its formats serves as one of the greatest sources for experiencing (to some degree) these concepts! That's why for me Voyager, Enterprise (roughly) and The Original Series are the best, they have the most stories in which they discover and meet unknown worlds, beings, and dangers. DS9 and TNG are great but I feel like they have too much exploring the known (for their time period and for us in canon), in forms of on-ship-problems, investigating colony issues, and escorting dignitaries places etc.

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Star Trek for me is probably the most influential thing in my life. Early in my lifetime and to this day, Star Trek has constantly reminded me that i have a voice despite my age and that voice is powerful enough to make a change, no matter how insignificant or un-intimidating i may seem. Watching normal people constantly go above and beyond the sums of their parts has always empowered me, be it a plasma leak or full on core breach. Their ability to pull through in a pinch has always just amazed me on so many levels, despite the flaws that hold them back.


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