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Those who graduated with Iswarya Ghaurav


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I'm still here :P

Seriously..I'll check the cadet names and see if they're on the rosters. I heard one got booted.

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Samal Frazier was in your class, Indu. He's now Chief Tactical Officer aboard the Steadfast.

Mia Serachou was..err..well, she didn't make it :P

Richard Garrett apparently didn't pass..

So, it looks like 2 are gone and 2 stayed.

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I knew Mia was *ahem*.... booted, .....but richard didn't pass? i thought he was assigned to the same ship as Frazier. hmmm...thanks anyway.

you know what, tyr, there must be sthg about you that makes the cadets under you want to quit. :P

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Actually I've only had 1 cadet quit on me in both my training classes. 100% stayed, passed, and got posted to ships from my last one, so THERE! :P

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But I didn't CO those classes :)

And in defense of the CO's, just wait until you have to CO a class...It's not as easy as it looks!

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A lot of it comes down to style of command and as McCall says the type of cadets.

In my current class I've lost a simmer due to a very high level of simming going on. A shame but that's life.

Different personalities for different things.

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The Academy does not often graduate a full class. The Standard rate is about 60-75%. As Mr. McCall pointed out, a lot of it comes down to the cadets you have and the RL they live in.

In a recent class, we lost a cadet due to the fact that this person plays LARPS. For those of you unfamiliar with the term: LARPS is Live Action Role-Playing Scenarios. Someone used to actually personifying a character in RL is not going to take easily to a PBeM game. It is a vastly different venue.

Often, classes lose cadets through no fault of the trainers. Most often it is simply RL that removes cadets (and current Members) from our fleet: unable to keep up with pacing, unable to keep interest due to a hectic RL schedule, simply unable to sim because life is too busy. Notice the theme? (busy busy busy as a bee. ;) )

Keep in mind that this is only the Academy as well. Retention rate for most PBeM games is 1 out of every 4 applications to a sim. THat means that you lose 3 out of 4 players within the first 6 months of their application.

We do what we can to change things and improve the conditions of training, how quickly we can post crew to a ship, and how quickly we can get crew interacting on a vessel. These are just 3 conditions that we can control and improve upon.

The main thing about training is not how many crew you pass but how much fun you have doing it. Training is all about infecting others with your enthusiasm for hte sim. *IF* you can do that, then the battle of retention is more than half won.

FC Jessa Anassasi

Training Commandant

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I wholeheartedly agree.

It's rather rewarding to see the Cadets you trained posted on their respective ships and beginning their careers.

Has anyone thought of having smaller classes, maybe of 1 or 2 cadets? That would reduce the waiting time and allow more to fulfill their training requirements..the only problem would be making sure we have training staff to fill the positions and ghosters to play mock cadets.

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  • 9 months later...

I am sorry this is about 6 months late. As it seems, there are only two of us left from our class. The funny thing is that the people who were the biggest pain in the butts did not last long. Too bad. The past year has been great. I look forward to the next.

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