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Tellarite mythology undergoes a reawakening in contemporary art culture

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BETAZED – Rich and intriguing fables and myths passed down through generations for thousands of years have now found a new home in the contemporary art scene of the Federation.

Hotly debated by many Tellarite contemporaries, the Scroll of Eternal Feasting is a blood-soaked battlefield of callous ancestors, ancient enemies, early settlements decimated by failed terraforming projects, and stolen agricultural land amidst the promise of flourishing hydroponic farms. It is a tale transcribed in distinguished language, however, never truly agreed upon, and has now become the feature of a tapestry on display at the University of Betazed.

“You know you are standing beneath something truly magnificent when a Tellarite is stunned into silence,” Senral Usei, Secretary of Culture on Betazed advised, during a recent interview. “University students from around the Federation have created this marvelous homage to the mythology. It is positively breathtaking.”

The tapestry delves into the mythological stories surrounding and leading up to the creation of the Scroll of Eternal Feasting, starting with the conception of the universe under the supreme being Hovah, the embodiment of the gleaming qualities associated with the soul, and the pitched battle with Krognik, the wolf-like demon personifying the depths of blackness the Tellarite heart can reach. The confrontation is a heavily symbolic fight of good nature against evil essence.

The epic saga is encapsulated with the tale of the Eternal Feast itself; a magnificent celebration of raw fruits and vegetables, symbolising the Tellarite dominance in agricultural engineering, while the hollow bell line plays, symbolising a refusal to submit to the temptations of Krognik and rise into the good graces of their soulful entity Hovah.

It is unsurprising that the most consistently debated element to this tale is the presence of Grablin Tlorsh. Though highly venerated in the Hall of Heroes for his early hydroponic techniques, Tlorsh allegedly caused the destruction of an ancient settlement on Tellar due to misuse of inaccurate drilling apparatuses.

The featured tale has also been the subject of a revival with a recent holonovel series, A Feast of Farmers, and the three-part epic holonovel, The Hollow Bell Chimes. Both works were written and published by non-Tellarites. While these retellings of the significant historic saga differ considerably in their adaptations, Tellarite fans are quick to advise that it does not mean they are incorrect.

The legend has been adapted to fit a variety of purposes throughout the thousands of years it remained oral history before being transcribed, and, in the case of The Hollow Bell Chimes, has provided a fresh spin on the events taking place prior to the Eternal Feast. The author Tis Ch’evhaahlol apparently studied classical Tellarite language to provide her own translation of the literature.

Toblis Skaorn, Secretary of Culture on Tellar, was only too happy to be invited to the official unveiling later this month. She spoke joyously of the labour and debate techniques of those students who endured the famous Tellarite stubbornness and pride to craft the masterpiece.

“My people are thoroughly honoured by the dedication and commitment shown in preparing this piece,” said Skaorn, upon arriving at Betazed for a pre-unveiling meeting. “I hope this will pique interest in our long and beautiful mythological culture.”

The tapestry will be on display at the University of Betazed until late 2397 when it will be transported to Tellar to be hosted. While the unveiling is by invitation only, the exhibition itself is open to all.

The Hollow Bell Chimes by Tis Ch’evhaahlol and A Feast of Farmers by Erud Vex are available now at libraries and holosuite providers.

This article was written by Lieutenant Jocelyn Marshall of the USS Gorkon.

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