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Starfleet Classified Report: USS Veritas working to destroy Omega molecules in the far past

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CLASSIFIED LEVEL 10 – USS Veritas is attempting to neutralize a combined Borg and Omega molecule threat.

This report is classified at level 10 and is not to be accessed by Starfleet personnel below the rank of Captain.

More logs from USS Veritas (NCC-95035) have been recovered from a probe that has been sitting dormant for nearly six hundred years, indicating her crew are working in the distant past to stop a catastrophe.

Encountering a small Borg probe in the present, the Veritas destroyed this ship before being drawn abruptly into the past by nearly six centuries. Its computers detected the Omega molecule nearby and restricted ship systems access until the threat could be dealt with. With Captain Rahman and Commander Mei’konda off the ship, the computer gave access to acting Captain Lieutenant Commander Evan Delano, who made the decision to share information on the threat with his senior staff, citing lack of access to the normal specialized Starfleet teams that would deal with the problem.

“I don’t have the details yet, but the bottom line is that we’ve detected some kind of volatile artificial energy source known as the Omega molecule,” Lieutenant Commander Delano was recorded saying, during a briefing. “It has the potential to devastate subspace throughout the region. This directive authorizes us to use whatever means are necessary to neutralize Omega, even if it means violating other general orders.”

In accordance with the Omega Directive, Starfleet Command is to be notified immediately on the discovery of such particles and all starship captains and flag-officers are reminded of the regulation to destroy the molecules, superseding all other commands.

“As acting commanding officer, I’ve decided by ‘necessary means’ involve declassifying this information for our senior staff,” Lieutenant Commander Delano stated plainly. “Commander Rahman, if you could provide copies of the data you showed me to everyone here, as well as Lieutenant Commander Blake and Doctor Alexander-Dalton.”

It became apparent soon after to the Veritas crew that several Borg drones had managed to transport aboard before their ship was destroyed, and were attempting to continue their experiments with the Omega molecule on board. As we continue to decrypt further logs from the probe, a supplement to this report will be published.

Written by Mei’konda

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