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Risa-bound starliner disappears carrying 2,400 passengers

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BAJOR – The Red Star, the flagship quantum slipstream starliner of Red Carrier, has disappeared during a routine transport to Risa.

Mounting fears greeted friends and family of travelers on board the Red Star this morning as the vessel was declared officially missing. A search and rescue mission has now been implemented to cover the distance traveled by the vessel from its point of origin on Bajor to its last known location heading in the direction of Risa. The operation, set in motion from the Mars headquarters of Red Carrier by chairman Seeshu Rebal, will traverse the distance via conventional warp drive and is already looking at a long voyage ahead.

“It is with great sadness that Red Carrier must report the untimely disappearance of our flagship vessel under Captain Amadeus,” Seeshu lamented, during this morning’s press conference. “While notable issues have befallen our fellow commercial slipstream liners in recent years, this is an unprecedented loss for all. Our thoughts are with the families at this pressing time.”

The Red Star departed from Bajor earlier this week with a full crew complement of 264 and 2131 passengers. The last known transmitted navigational location was the Kalandra sector, with sensor data collected by a stationary buoy in the area. While previously known for heavy action during the Dominion War, the sector has since been used as a thoroughfare for transport and cargo ships to Bajor and Deep Space 9.

Speculations have already been made regarding the disappearance. The commercial efforts of implementing the quantum slipstream drive have come under fire due to failures in the technology prior to this event. Starlight Transport’s SS Atlantic famously suffered a slipstream failure in 2391 during her third voyage, which delayed the implementation of slipstream technology into the commercial market.

Lieutenant Commander Adam Frost, industry expert and Quantum Slipstream Drive (QSD) Principal Lead Technician for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, believes that a technological failure is severely unlikely.

“The slipstream drive has had its problems in the past, but like with any technology, it is continuously developing,” he candidly reported. “Starfleet would like to remind everyone that slipstream travel for commercial passenger transport is still statistically one of the safest ways to travel. This is a localised incident and we hope for a swift conclusion.”

When questioned regarding updates received from the rescue vessel, Seeshu declined to comment. Such information is likely to be kept out of public eye until more is known about the fate of the Red Star. Reporters were assured that every measure has been taken to ensure the safe retrieval of passengers if the vessel is found intact.

“There isn’t much information to go on,” Nacu Zes, said a family member of one of the missing passengers. “Our family is devastated at the news. My son and his husband are going on their honeymoon. How can a starship vanish into thin air? I only hope they find them soon.”

Officials have asked for any suspected sightings of the Red Star to be reported immediately to Starfleet and local authorities. Red Carrier has also arranged for counseling resources for families of those missing during this trying time.

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