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Species Closeup: Menk

StarBase 118 Staff

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“Evolution is complicated.”

The Menk are a very peaceful humanoid species that evolved on the planet Valakis. Unlike most planets, the planet of Valakis evolved two sentient species – the Menks and the Valakians. For a long while the Menks were ruled by the Valakians as they were considered an inferior species.

In 2151 (ENT: Dear Doctor) it was discovered that Valakians were dying out due to a genetic illness. Dr Phlox had a choice to either give the Valakians a cure or to not interfere and allow the Menks an opportunity to become the dominant species on the planet. Dr Phlox chose the latter.

The Menks took over control of their cities and their government as Valakians died out. By 2230 the Menks numbered in their millions while only a few hundred thousand Valakians remained. In 2236 the Menks discovered Warp drive and shortly after their application to join the Federation was accepted.

Menk society is built on mutual respect and taking care of one another. Menk prefer to solve disputes by talking and finding the root cause. Their slow and methodical approach can be annoying to some species. Although their technology is less advanced than most Federation species they excel in medical knowledge.

A large majority Menk culture was lost due to their suppression by the Valakians and archaeologists are trying to find out more about their history. The first intact structure of Menk design, the Temple of Alu’, was discovered recently and has become a large tourist attraction.

One of the Menk greatest achievements was to treat Valakians who live separately on their world as equals although they are not fully accepted by the Menk. Now as a cure has now been found and the Valakians population is rising they need to adapt to continue to live in peace together.

As the Menk are a playable species there are lots of opportunities to expand upon this species’ history, culture and ever-evolving interaction with the Valakians. Learn more about this species from their wiki page.

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