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JP Capt. BRell & Lt. JG Valin Dermont

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((OOC: This is set on day six of shore leave.))

((South Beach, Neva Island, Aheitga Archipelago, Lydor IX ))


::Brell had again seen that the islands would be open to the crew for some enjoyment during their time here in orbit of Lydor IX. The last few days he had been to several meetings with the Freeworld’s investigators to give his testimony and answer follow up questions they had. He very much needed some respite after dealing with legal matters. So when the topic of his previous trip to the beach came up during his weekly meeting with his chief engineer a plan was quickly set into motion. The one thing he had not done last time he brought the family to the islands was beachfront barbecuing. Something Dermont was keen to join in on.::


::Once again Brell beamed down most everything they could need. Picnic tables, stasis coolers for drinks and the replicated food they would be cooking, along with anything else they could think of. The grill they were to use had to be replicated in parts and assembled on the surface by the current, and former engineers.::


::Dermont’s frustrations and lack of direction the last couple of weeks had been weighing rather heavily on him.  Raga’s deep issues and the Consortium still at large was something that older engineer was taking personally, despite rational thought to the contrary.  So when the captain had suggested a day at the beach with an actual real grill they would cook food on, he jumped at the chance. It was work and it was food.  Two things he loved.::


Dermont: oO Those durned pieces were heavier than anticipated… Oo


::Finally assembly of the grill was done and he took a chance to step back next to Brell and just appreciate the work they had accomplished.  A two level grill with four separate side burners for pots and the like. A small section for broiling and one side would even be set to be used as a smoker.  Counter tops had been set up at ninety degree angles to the massive grill, so the two chefs would be boxed in on three sides. They had almost created a kitchen in the sand.  A grin came upon Dermont’s face.::


Dermont:  Well, Captain...I guess it’s time fer the real fun part!


Brell:  Indeed, I have not had a proper cookout in a very long time.


::The human heaved a large cooler upon one counter and began uploading a few items.  They were unsure of who was going to be attending this particular beach-side even, so more was better.  Two giant racks of pork ribs were unloaded onto a chopping block, along with four huge blocks of ground hamburger meat.  It had taken him some tweaking of the replicator to get it to product a color and fat consistency to his like, but when it did, he made sure he had lots of it.::


::Next were blocks of bleu and cheddar cheeses, along with an assortment of veggies.  Then came spices and a bag of apples. He was feeling good. He hadn’t cooked fresh since he had lived on Bolarus IX and today had kept him so busy he hadn’t had time to dwell on much of anything.  He needed to get the apples on and the meats marinating and then he’d have his first real bit of free time today.::


Dermont: oO Of course...today is the day Brie is due ta arrive… Oo


::Brell too had brought a large stasis cooler filled with meat. Some he had let age for days since replicating to prepare for this event. He had a dozen ground Flk’ji patties, a dozen Nal’xi drumsticks, around forty shimmershells he planned on using a special family recipe for, and  those well aged Relik steaks also numbered at a dozen. To add a vegetarian choice he had wrapped up seatubers in foil, along with some Xaize he would grilling in their husks, and had made a fresh kelp salad that would be set out when things were done. As Bolarus was poor in spices he had much fewer to add as put his various items on the grill as his human friend did. He often wondered if other planets would have used aging meat to add flavor like his people did if their worlds had less spices. Some worlds seemed packed with things to enhance flavor growing all about. ::


Brell: oO If only a couple crew members show up we will have leftovers for the next week. Oo ::Grinning at his own thought.:: Oh well. Oo  


Dermont: I feel we’ve...ehh...been rather ambitious in our goals ‘ere...


Brell: ::Standing back to take it all in.:: It is indeed quite a spread we have put on here.


Dermont:  Yessir. I certainly hope there’s a bit o’ assistance eatin’ all o’ this.


::Brell got to work once more, setting each cook zone to the precise heat they needed to be at for each of the items he was cooking, and ignited his side. Utilizing the flat top grill area for the shimmershells he began to add the spiced carro root glaze to each of the still glowing shelled mussels making sure he was getting enough on every last one.::  


Brell: Now this is relaxing. Is grilling something you did often when living on a planet?


::That question brought back pleasant memories on Bolarus IX of his family and Mazius’ cooking along a beach a lot like this one.  Of course those memories were immediately followed by far sadder ones. His smile turned sad for a moment, but he surprised himself.  Normally following that thought train would lead him dark a darker and more volatile path. But now, while those memories were sad, it didn’t take away from the good times as much as it used to.::


Dermont:  oO I’m sure the doc would say I’m learnin’ ta process my grief constructively...bugger ‘im...Oo


Dermont:   Aye, sir. We didn’t spend a lot o’ time on the ground, as those runs out ta the far colonies past DS6 ran long...but those couple o’ weeks between hauls, aye.  Mazius’ father used ta make me cook terran hamburgers. O’ course, he made me age it a bit first...


Brell: I grew up in an undersea farmstead, so we only ever did this kind of cooking when we went to one of the mainland beaches for an outing.


Dermont:  We ‘ad an apartment a few kilometers outside o’ the main metro area o’ Bolsetu.  Just a skip down from the waterfront. Ya know, they’d been passin’ legislation ta keep several beaches there free from the development, so we ‘ad sand and sun right outside.


Brell: If the water was a bit more teal, and the plants around us a bit more colorful this could be mistaken for one of those Bolarus beaches. Don’t you think?


::With an ale in hand, Dermont leaned against a counter for a moment and just stared out at the water.  He could imagine Brie barely up to his knee splashing along the shore and Kurdan seeing how far he could swim out with Maz’s youngest cousins.  For even a briefest moment he could even remember how it felt to have Kyleanna’s arms wrapped around him, trying to distract him and then sneak past him to steal a bit of food from the plate next to the grill.  He blinked back moisture as he cleared his throat.::


Dermont: Indeed, sir.  I was thinkin’ the same thing.  ::A sigh.:: Those days on Bolarus were good times...the best o’ times.


Brell: I do miss it, no world has quite matched the coastal beauty.  


Dermont:  Exactly. Even Risa’ beaches, engineered though they be, cannae compare ta the shores of yer home, sir.   oO Our home. Oo


::Leaving earth before he turned twenty, he had either called the deck of a freighter or the shores of Bolarus IX home.  He had always felt more at home around the hardworking Bolians than he did around most humans. Granted, they tended to have a slightly more positive outlook than Dermont did, but that development was really more recent than he made it seem.::


::Brell had left home for starfleet at nineteen and then returned after his first tour of duty. In those years he appreciated his homeworld in ways he never did in his youth. After living on, and visiting many other planets the uniqueness of his Bolarus were all the more apparent and something to be cherished. It was why he went so far to have things from home with him now.::


Brell: I try to keep as many reminders of it as I can around, plants in my quarters, the seaweed tanks, the little luminescent fish in them and such.


::Dermont turned back to finish up with the seasoning of his ribs so he could wrap them and put them on to slow cook.  He checked his sliced apples mixed but the butter and sugar in the pot...nice. He turned to Brell as he wiped his hands on a towel::


Dermont:  Captain, didn’t you say yer relatives run that lil’ place on DS6?  


Brell: Yes! The Blue sea Bolian Deli. My uncle Garll operated it for a long time, and now his son is keeping it going.


::Dermont gave a grin as more memories flooded him.::


Dermont:  When Brie was a small, small thing, we’d stop there fer a bite.  She’d have trouble with the replicated mess on the ship, but a fresh kelp salad would put her mood right, ever’ time.


Brell: I have a large bowl of the fresh kind in the other stasis cooler to serve with everything.


Dermont:  Brie would love some.  I’ll have ta make sure she knows.


Brell: So, if you went to Garll’s that means you have heard stories you didn’t know were about me. ::Laughing.::


Dermont: ::A sly grin appeared through his beard.::  Well, now that ya mention it...there was an odd tale er two of a certain nephew twas smarter in the mouth than he was in the head.  But that doesn’t sound like mah Captain at all...


::The husky Bolian looked over to the human though he was in the middle turning over everything he was cooking in a precise order. He gave him a look that was a coy attempt to look offended. It was only ::


Brell: I will confirm or deny nothing! oO Though that most certainly was me. Oo


Dermont: Bah, yeah...Bolian families are big.  Probably plenty o’ nephews.


::He just trailed off with the grin fading as he took a swig of ale and looked away.  Those tales spun darker sometimes...with that same nephew getting into trouble he almost couldn’t dig himself out of.  Garll tales would start off comical, but one who was looking could always see the smile turn sad towards the end.::


Dermont: oO That boy couldn’t have been Brell.  He’s literally the finest example of Starfleet that I’ve ever met… Oo


::Dermont filled the moments of silence by taking bigger swings and stirring his apples.::


Brell: Speaking of your daughter, isn’t she due here today.


::Happy for new conversation, he nodded and his expression became nervous.::


Dermont:  Yessir...I haven’t seen ‘er in person since b’fore I graduated.  So ‘ere’s ta positive thoughts and not makin’ a royal mess o’ things!  ::He took another swig of ale.:: But anyways, sar, I know we love ta eat, but surely we can’t eat it all.


Brell: With the amount of food here we might want to send up a message to Atlantis for anyone to join in if they wish.


Dermont: Agreed. =/\=  Dermont ta Atlantis =/\=


Atlantis Ops:  =/\= Atlantis here, sir. =/\=


Dermont:  =/\= The Captain and I seem ta ‘ave made too much food.  How about spreadin’ the word any hungry folks should meet us down ‘ere.  And we’ll save a bit fer yerself, too. =/\=


Atlantis Ops:  ::there could hear the smile in the man’s voice.::  =/\= I think that can be arranged, sir. And thank you, sir. Atlantis out. =/\=


Dermont:  So sir, you at a stoppin’ point?  These shorts are trunks and I’ve got towels...fancy a swim?


::The Bolian grinned, and sat down his spatula, beginning to un button the loose fitting beach shirt he was wearing.::  


Brell:  Things are at a point they could simmer awhile, and as I learned when I brought the family down a few days ago. The water here really is splendid.


::They closed the grill hoods, and headed to the enjoy the pristine waters. Probably making quite a sight to any of the permanent planet residents unused to seeing unfamiliar aliens.::


((OOC: We got this one out a bit later in the shore leave than intended, however either of us would be happy to backsim with any that wants to join in. Or feel free to mention your character stopping by in your own leave wrap up simming.))       


Captain Brell - Commanding Officer

USS Atlantis NCC-74682

Academy Deputy Commandant





Lieutenant JG Valin Dermont

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Atlantis NCC-74682


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