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Fathers are difficult galaxy-wide

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I jut had to share this sim. I roped one of lieutenant Dermont’s PNPCs into what I thought was going to be a chance for some exposition of my background but he completely blew me away by making a scene that’s both funny and touching while also giving the reader SO much more insight into both of our characters! 


USS Atlantis, Sickbay - Deck 5))
::As the most junior doctor on the staff currently, Toh'jak had been given the short straw and assigned the third shift.  It was no matter to the Klingon.  He was currently bend over his pad, tweaking a ballad he had been attempting to write.  He enjoyed singing during his morning exercise routine, he thought he would give it a try to create one himself.  He was so engrossed with it, whispering the words under his breath as he went that did not even notice the doors to sickbay open.::
Termine: :: trying to catch the other Ensign’s attention without seeming rude or impatient, though he was definitely one of the two:: Uh… Ensign Toh’Jak. I need medical assistance. 
::Glancing up quickly, he stood even as he flipped the PADD face down.  His eyes did a quick glance to the ensign before him holding one hand within the other.  He recognized the man as the one who had welcomed him on his first day.  What was his name? Ah, right.::
Toh’jak: Ensign Termine, what is the matter at this time of night?
Termine: Uh… Just a cut on my hand, that’s all. 
::The Klingon grinned at the comment as Dante revealed the deep laceration.  It was clear that is was not a simple cut.  They need to stop the bleeding and knit the muscle quickly.::
Toh’jak:  Ah, your "just a cut" is bleeding onto the floor and you will be lucky retain full function of that hand.
Termine: I thought doctors were supposed to say things like “That doesn’t look too bad” or things like that. 
::His grin grew even wider until it was all teeth.::
Toh’jak: Bah!  You have clearly never been to a Klingon hospital.
Termine: well, that’s fair. 
::He indicated that Dante should sit on the edge of the closest bio-bed and as he did so, Toh'jak rolled his cart of instruments to his side.::
Toh’jak:  So how did you manage such a severe wound?  Working on some Federation tech, no doubt. 
Termine: I’d… prefer not to say Doctor, my injury is… a personal matter. 
Toh’jak: Ah! Well I have had several "personal matters" that have ended in injury.  Though I was under the impression the Federation does not like us to settle our issues in such a manner...
:: The two sat in silence for a moment while the doctor began his work, blue light shone over Dante’s red wounds and he felt the dermal stimulator begin it’s work with a tingle. Whether it was Dante’s distaste of silence between people, or the calming feeling of being taken care of, Dante soon found himself speaking again.::
Termins: Are… Are you close with your father Toh’Jak? I know Klingon houses are patrilineal, but I’m afraid I don’t know much about Klingon parenting. 
::The question man Toh'jak freeze right in the middle of his work.  He glared at the human for a bit.  His father?  The klingon gave another smile to Dante, but this time it was not in mirth.  Bitterness was the closest word that might describe it.::
Toh’jak: Klingon fathers try to teach honor above all.  But just as humans, we do no always see eye to eye with our parents.  Why?  Are you not close with yours?
Termine: My father? Well… close wouldn’t be the right word. I spent my whole childhood with him, even being homeschooled, but I’d never say we were close. He… my father.. lets just say he has a strong personality. 
::According to humans, almost all Klingons seem to have something of a strong personality, so that description was not much to go on.::
Toh’jak:  Indeed?   So among your kind he was a leader? 
Termine: My father is a renown opera singer, so I spend my childhood on tour with him. He’s been incredibly successful and attributes it all to expecting perfection from his cast and crew. It makes for fantastic performances, but a not-so-happy home life. Actors, at the end of the day, get to go home. Children don’t. 
::Toh'jak eyes glittered a little at hearing about his father's career.  Music was a noble pursuit.  Some of the greatest heroes in Klingon lore were warrior bards.  And while many would focus only the warrior half, much of their history would have been lost if not for the bard half.  A song has power and life.  The doctor nodded.  Such a man would indeed have great weight upon his shoulders.::
Toh’jak: The path of the bard is a noble one, but a difficult one.  I imagine that he took pride in make sure everything was perfect during a performance.  The burden off-stage...a heavy load.
Termine: Perfection… Perfection was the sword that always hung above my head growing up. Everything I did, everything I was had to be perfect in my father’s eyes, or I was nothing. I was to be his protege, the continuation of his legacy you see. He started training me vocally from before I could stand. The goal was that when he got too old to sing, he would manage me, so he’d never truly have to stop being… well, himself really. 
::The wound was almost healed.  He turned the dermal regenerator down to the lowest setting and slowly start knitting the skin back together.  There would barely be a pink patch when he was through.::
Toh’jak: While there is a great honor to follow on your father's path, a child's destiny is their own.  A confident man can accept that, knowing that his deeds will stand on their own.  Given your present location, you clearly chose a different career.  Was he accepting?
Termine: Well… He didn’t actually agree to me joining starfleet. I ran away if you can believe it. I bribed a Ferengi cargo merchant to take me to San Fransisco when we were on tour on Vulcan. It was to be my debut performance, Don Giovanni, in the great stone amphitheater of T’herat. But I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t want that life but I was too afraid to tell him, too afraid to… disappoint him I guess.. but I never wanted to be a singer, or to have him control my life. I wanted to be an officer Toh’jak. I wanted to be here, making the universe a better place. 
oO I have met the human that mirrors my own life... Oo
::Toh'jak himself had left the Empire against the express wished of his father.  He tired of watching warrior after warrior die in battle when they could have been saved by Federation medical technology.  And the Federation was willing to share, but the oh so proud Empire disagree.  His father had screamed at him as he left..."If it is a warrior's time, then it is his time!"  But what if his time could be in another five years?  Why not allow the warrior another dozen years of battle?::
::So Toh'jak left after six years of service as a doctor onboard a battlecruiser and applied for Starfleet.  His father has already been disappointed he had chosen the medical field, despite Toh'jak still being no doubt a fine warrior.  But when he had left for the Academy?  "For this dishonor, there is no atonement..."::
Toh’jak: You did what was right for you!  Follow your path, Termine!  No man chooses for you.  But how does this story give you such a gash?
Termine: My cut?  ::Dante had forgotten all about the pain in his hand as he had spoke:: oh… well…I guess he does have something to do with the cut. I got a letter today, from him. He has somehow tracked me down, through some of his friends who just to happen to be starfleet admirals. They told him which ship I’m on and, since we just HAPPEN to be in the same quadrant, he’s insisting that he comes for a visit. 
Toh’jak: And this led to anger?  And a cut, somehow?
Termine: I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I cut myself when I smashed my own glass desk with my hand… although I guess if anyone could relate it would be a klingon, huh? 
Toh’jak: We generally try to inflict injury on the target of our wrath, but indeed.  I can relate.
::He turned off his tools and pushed the cart away.  Toh'jak grabbed Dante's hands and gave it a few squeezes to see if the young man cried out.  After he did not, the doctor gave a nod.
Toh'jak:  All healed now, Ensign Termine.  And I have learned much about you today.  I too have a stubborn old man for a father.  I wish you luck in the conflict that is no doubt soon to happen.
Termine: Uh… thank’s doctor. For lending an ear and a derma regenerator. I just hope neither I nor my father end up back here, although I’m sure you’d be just as understanding of something like that as well, wouldn’t you? 
::Toh'jak just gave another toothy smile to Termine as the ops officer stood and made his way to the door.  Just as the doors opened, the Klingon called out.::
Toh'jak:  Termine!  If your father is determine to challenge you on this, suggest to him you settle it the Klingon way!  As your crewmate, I would be honored to be your second for that...
::As the other man disappeared, Toh'jak just chuckled to himself.  His voice had made the comment sound like a light jest, but with a Klingon one never really knew.::
Ensign Toh'jak of House Suhtaek
Medical Officer
USS Atlantis
stubbornly simmed by:

Lieutenant JG Valin Dermont


USS Atlantis



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