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Poll of the Week: New Awards?

Randal Shayne

Poll of the Week: New Awards?   

9 members have voted

  1. 1. What type of new awards would you like to see added to next year's festivities, if any?

    • More awards that honor fantastic writing, such as TOSMA and the Q Award.
    • More awards that recognize simming-based OOC dedication, like the Pathfinder and the Silver Palm.
    • More awards that praise the stellar work of the staff, like the T’Pau Cluster of Distinction, and the Sarek Award.
    • More awards that are given to those that are up and coming in the organization, like the Genesis, the Rising Star, and the Luminary Award.
    • More awards that account for the creative OOC content this fleet produces, like images, news stories, and other such exercises.
    • More awards that honor some other deserving part of our community?
    • I wouldn’t add any more awards- the docket is good just the way it is.

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The nominations have been examined, the recipients have been decided upon, and the ceremony has ended! The 2018 SB118 Awards Show has been a beautiful success! Writers from all across the fleet have been recognized for their fantastic contributions to our magnificent group. There’s a glow of contentment as people offer hearty congratulations and update their wiki pages accordingly.

And then, if you’re anything like me, it feels as if Christmas has past, and there can be a lull during this time. So! Because I’m not quite ready to let go of awards season, I thought I’d add a last, more unofficial part to the festivities. In my own nominating experience, while there are a great many suitable and intriguing awards to put people in for, there are many things members of this fleet do that might not necessarily have an appropriate recognition. With that in mind, this poll asks you to consider what, if any, new awards you’d like to see in next year’s ceremony. Perhaps you’ve been extremely impressed with someone’s writing prowess in a way that doesn’t have an award tied to it, or maybe they’ve already earned the one that exists for it. Maybe you’d like to honor the more OOC aspect of things- there’s a plentiful list of tasks that get little to no attention in the grand scheme. Have something completely different in mind? Think there are plenty of awards already? Let us know in the comments section below!


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