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Lt Sera zh'Aella's poem

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A D'Delnor Skewering
A warbird filled with enemies supplied
Of mighty weapons, and against the tide,
Lieutenant zh'Aella, the story's told,
Led a team so brave and bold.
Storm the Bridge, they did attack
Under hails of gunfire, did our lumberjack,
Seize the moment, crisp and clean, 
To wrestle an Andorian, twice as mean.
A choke hold, with thighs of steel,
Turned her aggressor from blue to teal,
A scuffle, this was, amidst such pressure,
When spotting a dagger, a knife, a treasure.
Saw his opening, did our hellish foe,
And skewered our girl from head to toe.
But did she feel it? Not at all
For it affirmed her rivals downfall.
PO Brooks a-patched and aided,
While zh'Aella lay on the deck, a-bladed,
Blood a-pouring from a wound still free, 
She was approaching her apogee.
Brooks, fearing this a fruitless task,
Opened up a foul-smelling flask,
zh'Aella, replied with the hope of a Cadet,
"Very reassuring PO, but I'm not dead yet."
A battle raged on the deck by Officers akin,
The self-destruct, a plan, a lynchpin,
To blow the ship and beam off speedily
An order followed quite obediently.
When all were transported, the deck aflame
Back home to the Gorkon, lame and maim,
Brooks could be heard, tone perplexed,
"First Andorian blood and then vomit, what is next?"
Written by Lt jg Jo Marshall. :)
Edited by Ferier
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