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Picnics and promotions after a controversial mission for USS Constitution

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STARBASE 104 – Despite lingering fallout from an unpalatable mission, the senior crew of the Constitution regroup and relax among accolades.

Upon returning to Starbase 104 and the docked USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B), the senior crew of the ship came to terms with the betrayal and treason of a fellow Starfleet officer. Lieutenant Commander Katrina Tam was whisked away for incarceration before any of the affected officers could confront her and seek closure, leaving an emotional toll to couple with the physical costs that some of the officers endured. Lieutenant JG Yito Seja and Ensign Raven Young faced rehabilitation for their injuries, while the counseling offices led by Commander Saveron dealt with the heavy workload of mandated counseling for those on the mission.

Though the mission had been heavily classified, an alternative cover story was concocted by Starfleet Command in order to explain the absence of the senior crew and allow them to be decorated for their actions. Eschewing the traditional holodeck ceremony, Captain Jalana Rajel and Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Traenor, joined by Saveron, hosted the crew in the expansive Verdant Galaxy Gardens on Starbase 104.

“I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the parkland utilized in this way,” stated Faxir Lefo, a server at the exquisitely catered event, with a twinkle in his eye. “I hope that the station commander allows more gatherings like this, hiring proprietors from the Promenade to feed the hungry guests.”

The large picnic and family socialization event was capped with an informal ribbon ceremony and even included the promotion of Yito and Young to Lieutenant and Lieutenant JG, respectively.

Written by Maxwell Traenor

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