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StarBase 118 crew struggles with pirate hijacking

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JENATRIS CLOUD — In pursuit of the fleeing pirates that have hijacked the USS Narendra, the crew of Starbase 118 have attempted a bluff and infiltration.

As the crew of StarBase 118 continued their pursuit of the hijacked USS Narendra, they launched the MTF Maximum Thrusters into the Jenatris Cloud in an effort to sneak up on their quarry. Organising a civilian-clothed infiltration team, Captain Sal Taybrim dispatched first officer Lt. Commander Elspeth, Lieutenant McLaren, Lt. Commander Silveira, Lieutenant Maxwell, Zel and a marine contingent aboard a small shuttle to act as scavengers and get past the Narendra’s shields.

The infiltration team’s plan was to send one group to the ship’s engineering section and one group to the battle bridge to seize control of the ship via those two access points, with the hope that faking a saucer separation would confuse the small pirate crew long enough that they could be overcome.

The Romulan hijackers bought into the first ruse and allowed the shuttle to dock, and the teams beamed aboard to begin their takeover. Unfortunately, the battle bridge team found the ship in lockdown and the automated defenses online and were pinned down by turret fire near the access to the battle bridge. The engineering team came under active attack by the crew and was overcome.

On top of that, the attempts of Taybrim and the staff remaining aboard the MTF were impeded by an active ion storm. Seeing an opportunity to get more data on the hidden Narendra’s position, they launched a small probe – only to have the ion storm flare up once again and send the probe into a derelict freighter, exploding and alerting the Romulans to their presence.

With the command codes to the Narendra finally in his possession, the Romulan captain wasn’t about to believe their second bluff.

Written by Taelon

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