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Scouts and Star Trek

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In a nutshell I had a really weird dream from the point of view of Tasha, among other things (such as my 9 year old sister driving a car) there was one part of this dream where Tasha was involved in a series of Scouting activities. We know from the Enterprise episode Rouge Planet that Scouting was still around in the 22nd century. There was a reference to them in The Wrath of Khan too. This odd dream led me to spend far too long pondering how Scouts may have evolved and changed from how I know it now to how it is in the late 24th century.

Some of my thoughts were around the inclusion of other species. It makes sense in my mind that the Andorians, Vulcans, Trill and other races may have picked up on this idea. Or it could be possible that they had their own pre-existing versions?

Another assumption I had was that there would be Scout troops on many Federation worlds. But, how much contact would troops have with those on other planets? Would a troop from earth visit one on Vulcan? Would a Vulcan troop go to Andoria for a camp? And what of Jamborees, we have an international Jamboree every few years, would there be an interplanetary Jamboree? How many thousands of people would attend that!

My third major thought was centered around awards. How much has it changed? In Rouge Planet, Reed mentions that he received the exobiology badge, one which does not currently exist. How many others are there which are new? And which badges would have changed? One that we currently have is Aircraft Spotter, is there a Spacecraft Spotter?


Please leave your thoughts below as I think it would be great to gather other opinions. Additionally, I now plan to add to Tasha's bio, it seems that she was a scout.

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