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Lt. Commander Eerie - Used car salesman as future career?

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 ((Sikuna Colony, Administration Centre))

::The comm chirped and conversation started with the officers.::

Vess: =/\=Vess to Sevo.=/\=

Sevo: =/\= Sevo here, Commander. =/\=

Vess: =/\=What’s the ETA on those supplies?  We have a very sick woman over here.=/\=

Sevo: =/\= Yea...um. We hit a little snag. We made it to the clinic, but came across a very distraught man whose wife is in labor. =/\=

::Eerie understood the concern with the man. During an alternative reality Eerie had almost lost his emotional center with the birth of a child and death his Bolian partner Peiy. She had been lost during childbirth and had sent Eerie into a semi - recluse state for a long time. Eerie knew that emotional support could assist both of the for a long time in the future. While he wasn't keen to assist, he knew that the more support for them could be critical for a long time in the future.::

Eerie: We will take care of situation.
Vess: =/\=And yer sure there’s no medical perssonel over there?=/\=

Khaveid: =/\= They all evacuated a while ago, Commander. This is a general practice, not a hospital. It's not meant to be staffed during a storm. =/\=

::It was just a few moments later, the Governor had left to get supplies. Eerie had moved up to maintain a more close and personal contact with the woman. He was trying his absolute 'soft' face. Working on those soft skills was he was actually pretty rusty with, but he was going to do his best with her and  to assist with the instruments. Eerie had gotten another crash course with his training with the Rangers. It had been a good supplement for the standard Starfleet Emergency Medical Course, but he was happy he wasn't doing the actual delivery. Sevo had much better fine motor skills that Eerie for one.::

Theletha: AAARGH!

 ::Sevo was actually sweating, but Eerie didn't blame her in the least. Eerie forced a smile on his face and looked into the woman's eyes and was trying to be as non threatening as possible. He lightly touched the shoulder to indicate that everything was just fine.::

A. Sevo: C’mon, Theletha! He’s halfway out! Eerie, how’s she doing up there?

Eerie: We are doing just fine.::Quietly.::

:: Eerie didn't tell white lies ever often. However, sometimes  if say something others might start believing it as well and that could be very important at time like this.

A. Sevo: Did you manage to find a laser scalpel and blanket?

Eerie: Here you are.  These will help a lot.

Eerie: oO Perhaps you should be come a use car salesman? Used cars? Where did that come from?Oo

::Eerie blinked at sometimes his alternative personality would drop interesting thoughts or comments into his reality.::

 A. Sevo: A couple more pushes, Theletha, and she’ll be out.

::There was a push and Eerie put his hand into hers a bit awkwardly, but the meaning was apparent.::

A. Sevo: I’ve got her! She’s beautiful.

::The baby started to breath on its own and Eerie gave her a nod to let her know that she had done a good job.::

A. Sevo: Eerie, laser scalpel please.

Eerie: Right.::Getting the scalpel and handing it over.::

 ::Eerie took a quick glance to see the newborn and it being presented to the mother.::

A. Sevo: Your daughter, Theletha.

 ::The mother took the little baby. Eerie was happy for both of them. Perhaps this was not as bad as he had thought it would be. At least he didn't have shoot anyone and every seemed to be happy.::

Theletha: Th-thank you!

Eerie: Congratulations, you did just fine.::Smiling a bit.::You are both little troopers.

Khaveid/Vrovek: Response

A. Sevo: Have you thought of a name?

Theletha/Vrovek: Response

Eerie: Very good.

 Khaveid: Response

A.Sevo: Response

Lt. Commander Eerie
 CO Ranger
451st platoon from the Rangers 3rd Division
USS Gorkon

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