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Romulan Republic colony asks for Starfleet’s assistance amid controversy

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SIKUNA SYSTEM – In the midst of protests and a plague, the governor of a Romulan Republic colony has invited Starfleet to investigate trouble at a research center.

Following a relaxing shore leave on Palanon, the crew of the USS Gorkon was quickly tasked with a diplomatic and relief mission to the Romulan Republic colony of Sikuna. An earlier expedition by the science vessel USS Hawking discovered trouble at the colony’s verteron array, which is ostensibly used in experimentation into the exotic particles. Once there, however, the Hawking discovered potential evidence of sabotage, prompting numerous protests, along with a quickly spreading disease among a coastal town. They then called in the Gorkon for further assistance.

Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo, newly promoted to the position of First Officer, led a team to the colony capital to meet with Governor Khaveid in an attempt to mediate the disputes between the various factions of protesters. Some were opposed to the existence of the verteron array, citing the increasingly destructive weather and spreading illnesses as evidence. Others opposed the Federation’s involvement in what they deemed to be an interior matter, despite being invited by Governor Khaveid.

“This is an internal matter of the Republic. We didn’t leave the Empire to be pressed under the thumb of another superpower,” said Nera, leader of the protesters opposed to the Federation’s involvement.

Meanwhile, Gorkon’s chief science officer Lt. Commander Erin Reynolds, related to Admiral Quinn Reynolds, led a team to the research center itself to investigate further. There, they discovered the body of an Andorian. Further investigation discovered the security system had been compromised, and a virus introduced into the computer systems. Upon viewing security footage, the Andorian had been seen heading towards the center’s fuel supply. Commander Reynolds’ team discovered that several of the fuel tanks had been drained by jury-rigged piping leading into underground tunnels.

Captain Nugra, recently returned from a leave-of-absence to the Gorn Hegemony, led a small medical team to the coastal village of Ih’aesn, where a virulent disease was spreading. Lieutenant JG Yiggtissi quickly surmised that it was a genetically-modified version of the infamous Skyfire Virus which had swept through Romulan space before. During his investigation, Lt. Yiggtissi was accidentally exposed to the virus and now continues to investigate in an isolated environment, racing against time before he succumbs to the disease himself.

Lieutenant Sera zh’Aella, the new chief of security, took a team to investigate a security breach at the research center’s security complex, where they found the same virus as Captain Nugra’s team. Before they could make any headway, however, a massive explosion rocked the lower floors of the building. Her team rushed down to help any survivors, only to be slowed by the building’s automated defense system.

Written by Ayiana Sevo

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