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Poll of the Week: Ensign Q, Reporting For Duty!

Randal Shayne

Poll of the Week: Ensign Q, Reporting For Duty!   

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  1. 1. Would you allow a higher being, like a member of the Q, to join your crew?

    • Absolutely! Starfleet is a welcoming place- I'd be happy to take on an honest, hardworking, law-abiding Q.
    • I'd defintely consider it. We've seen a Q benefit from learning aboard Voyager (see "Q2"). The same might happen here, especially with a willing Q, and their powers would certainly come in handy.
    • I'm iffy. Yes, there are advantages, but having a veritable god serve under me? There's so much that can go wrong that it would be hard to convince me.
    • Probably not. I know I shouldn't judge races on a single being's behavior, but the Q are another matter entirely. I don't think I'd have one as a member of my crew.
    • You're kidding, right? These people are literally gods! Only an unhinged maniac would let someone like that serve on a starship of the Federation. Keep away!
    • Something not mentioned here? There are certainly other trains of thought. Let us know yours in the comments below!

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It is this poll-posers opinion that one of the best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation was Season 3’s “Deja Q”. I’m confident that I’m not entirely alone in this statement, as it has frequently been lauded for its humour, intriguing storyline, and light atmosphere (for the most part).

A quick refresher of the episode’s plot is in order. Essentially, Q, everyone’s favorite trickster/ superior being/ troublesome irritant, flashes onto the bridge of the Enterprise- D amid a planetary crisis. Q explains that he has been banished to this most unholy of places, and has lost his powers- something the crew simply refuses to believe, and rightly so. Throughout the episode, the audience is left to wonder if Q is simply playing another sick game, as has been his pattern up to this point. It’s eventually revealed that he’s been entirely truthful about his condition, and it is only at the end of the episode that his powers are restored and the crisis averted.

However, for this poll’s purpose, I’m more interested in Q’s behavior during the meat of the events shown on screen. As time passes, even the weary crew begin to wonder if he’s being sincere, and Q’s (admittedly arrogant and unhelpful) attempts to aid in the Enterprise’s struggle nevertheless have an air of sincerity about them. His half-hearted desire to join the crew, as he is now mortal, raises an intriguing question.

Starfleet is all about diversity, but what if an alien entity as utterly different and powerful like a member of the Q Continuum wanted to join the crew of your ship? He or she has convinced you of their sincerity in the matter- they truly want to be a member of your vessel. How do you you respond? Do you send them packing? Adopt them into the fold? Something in between? Give us your vote, and explain away in the comments section below! 

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