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Sub-Commander Allek: “Losses.”

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(( Flashback ))

(( 121 years earlier ))


// Expedition Commander’s Officer’s Log. [Stardate 227411.23].

Seventeen hours after entering the Shadows, Pellecia suffered an unexpected failure of its propulsion and the subspace cloak. Without the protection of the cloak, a subspace drag effect created by the dense tetryon fields caused sudden and rapid deceleration. Though inertial dampeners were able to compensate, several systems were damaged and three crew were killed by shifting cargo. Full damage report and the names of the deceased are attached. Let it be known that they died in service of the empire.  //


(( Day 2 ))

(( Captain’s Quarters, Deck 7, IRW Pellecia ))


:: Allek poured another glass of ale as he read through the report from his chief engineer. Besides the critical damage to the subspace cloak and the ship’s propulsion systems, their food synthesizers had stopped functioning, and life support systems were behaving erratically throughout the ship. Not dangerously so, at least not yet, but it was certainly inconvenient. ::


:: To add insult to injury, much of his crew had spent the day fighting plasma fires below decks. No one else had been killed, but it had been gruelling, difficult work, and many of the ship’s crew had suffered burns. The Remans had suffered particularly badly, as they’d been expected to handle the most dangerous work. ::


Allek: How long will it take to get us back en route?


:: The ship’s chief engineer wore a serene expression despite the smears of some kind of soot or grease covering much of her pale, slender face. ::


Treyalak: The repairs are simple enough. If we keep up double shifts, I can have the subspace cloak and warp drive back online within 36 hours. The structural damage is more severe. Without access to a drydock, we’re looking at several hundred EVAs to repair the damage to the space frame. If I get everyone who’s qualified to help, we might be able to do it in a week.


:: Allek took a short pull from his glass then gestured to the still full one across from him. ::

Allek: You look like you need this more than I do.


:: She glanced down, looking as if she’d forgotten the fragrant drink was even there. Hesitantly, she picked it up and allowed some of the cooling liquid to touch her lips. ::


Allek: I’ll make the announcement tomorrow. Start with the repairs. If we don’t get enough volunteers for the frame repairs, we’ll start pulling crew from other assignments.


Dorix: There are over fifty Remans on this ship. Surely we won’t need to buden our officers with this kind of menial labor.


:: The expedition commander had a slightly round face. Twenty years ago, he’d been a beast of a man. Now, his former bulk had turned largely to fat, as was common with age. Despite this, he still had the force of personality and the reputation of the embodiment of what nearly every imperial officer wanted to be. Awed to the point of fear. Cultured. Well-connected and respected with both military and the civilian leaders. ::


Allek: Commander, the Remans spent the last twelve hours fighting plasma fires on three decks. I’m not sure it’s wise to compel them to do more at this point. Not without rest, at least.


Dorix: It’s their duty in this life, Sub-Commander. They should be proud to have it.


:: Allek had heard this tone in his superior’s voice before. It made it clear that he would not tolerate dissension. His opinion had been made known, and he expected it to be treated as an order. ::


Allek: Very well, Commander.


:: He’d have to offer them something in return. First the disease. Now this. He’d never seen so much tension between Reman and Romulan crew before. ::


Treyalak: The sooner we get started the better, Sirs. Request permission to return to duty.


:: Allek looked to Dorix, who gave a slight nod of approval. ::


Allek: Dismissed, Centurion. I’ll come by in a few hours to check on your progress.


:: The female stood, nodded to both her superiors, then left to return to her hectic engine room. As the door closed behind them, Allek took another long pull from his glass to empty it. ::


Dorix: The commanders of Raze and Sulvian have signaled to ask for orders.


:: The other two members of the expedition fleet had been eager to resume their course ever since the accident. ::


Allek: If they could spare some of their crew to help with the repairs--


Dorix: I’ve decided that they should resume course rather than wait for Pellecia.


:: Allek was so taken aback by this, he felt as if the blow had been physical. Without the other ships, Pellecia would be stranded here. If something went wrong with the repairs, they would no longer have the option of evacuating. ::


Dorix: Further, I’ve decided to transfer my flag to the Sulvian. Sub-Commander Vulek will be pleased, I’m sure.


:: The muscles in Allek’s his jaw cramped. ::


Dorix: The mission is too important, Allek. We can’t allow a delay of this long.


Allek: Then why not evacuate Pellecia?


:: The other man laughed. ::


Dorix: You can’t be serious? The ship still has every chance of being salvaged. I have no intention of abandoning it.


:: Allek had to bite back the obvious response. Dorix did have every intention of abandoning it. The only difference was that he was leaving the crew behind.  ::


Dorix: Once repairs are complete, you will proceed on a course to our designated rendezvous point outside of the Shoals.


:: It would be months before they could make such a rendezvous. ::


Allek: And if we aren’t there?


Dorix: Then I’ll, of course, arrange for a rescue mission. Pellecia is outfitted with enough food and water for at least five years. You’ll be fine.


:: Allek had his doubts. ::


Allek: When do you plan to leave, Sir?


Dorix: Tomorrow morning, I think. We’ll assemble the crew in your shuttle bay to make the announcement. I believe you needed to gather them to explain your repair plans anyway.


Allek: Very well, Sir.


:: Dorix let out a short sigh. ::


Dorix: You act as if I’ve just signed your execution order, Allek. You’ll be fine. In all likelihood, we’ll be back on Romulus together in a year’s time.


:: There was that tone again. Imperious and dripping with condescension. ::


Allek: As you say, sir.


:: There were a few moments of quiet between them before Dorix stood to leave. ::

Dorix: You have much to learn about command, Sub-commander. May chance this journey will give you the opportunity.


:: Allek poured himself another drink. ::


Allek: Good luck with the mission, Sir.


:: Dorix nodded his approval of the sentiment, then left without saying another word. By the time Allek fell asleep in his bed, he was very, very drunk. ::


(( Day 3 ))

(( Main Bridge, Deck 1 ))


:: Though nursing a slight hangover, Allek stood on the bridge of his ship. The transfer of command had taken place quietly before the assembly below decks. Now that it was all over, Allek was feeling strangely positive. With Dorix no longer on board, Allek felt like he was truly in command of his vessel for the first time since they’d left Romulus. ::


:: The Reman Uhlan at the comms station looked up as Allek passed by. ::


Drivek: Sub-Commander, Sulvian has issued a departure vector for the fleet. They’re preparing to go to warp.


:: Both ships had recloaked several hours earlier, but Allek still turned his attention to the main viewer. If they looked closely, they’d still be able to see the flash of the ships going to warp. ::


:: The rest of the bridge grew quiet as they all watched for the same thing. When two full minutes passed without any sign, Allek assumed they’d missed it. ::  


Allek: Are they still out there, Uhlan?


:: The Reman looked confused. ::


Drivek: Yes, Sir. I’m… getting some unusual comms chatter. I think something’s gone wrong.


:: Despite his weariness, he felt his attention snap into focus as he stepped back towards the young Uhlan. ::


Allek: Define ‘wrong.’


Reman: I’m… not sure, Sub-commander. I--


:: The Lieutenant at tactical interrupted. ::


Kenson: I’m detecting some kind of subspace power surge in the immediate vicinity.


Allek: Shields up!


:: The response was automatic, as was the tactical officers quick hand movements. The hum of the ship’s shield generators was a comforting one, but any relief it brought was short lived as a green and orange fireball suddenly erupted several hundred meters ahead of them. They all knew what that meant. ::


Allek: Which ship was that?


Kenson: I’m not sure, sir, but I think that was the Raze.


Allek: Scan for survivors.


Drivek: Sir, receiving a message from Commander Dorix. Audio only.


Allek: Put it through.


:: The Commanders tension-filled voice filled the bridge, though it was badly distorted by some kind of interference. ::


Dorix:  =/\= ...interfered with the warp field...unable to...system failure...are abandoning ship...standby for- =/\=


:: A second explosion on screen cut short the commander’s final words. This one was closer than the first, and the resulting shockwave caused the Pellecia to shudder beneath their feet. ::


:: The silence on the bridge was deafening, and felt like it lasted for an eternity. Allek finally broke it to issue orders. ::


Allek: Any sign of survivors?


:: The sounds of several consoles being worked came to his ears, but no words. He repeated the question. ::


Kenson: No, Sir. No lifesigns detected. No signs of shuttles or escape pods.


Drivek: Nothing on subspace, Sub-Commander.


:: Allek walked slowly to his raised command chair, fearing his legs would collapse before he made it. They didn’t, but it had taken a monumental effort. He sat deliberately, then took two deep breaths to center himself. ::


Allek: Keep scanning.


:: It was the only order he could think to give for several minutes. What else could he say. The bridge crew were just as shocked as he was. Despite his failings, Dorix had seemed like the kind of indomitable man that would live forever. His sudden and senseless loss would stun the entire crew when it became known, as would the loss of so many other loyal officers and crew. ::


Allek: Uhlan Drivek, send word to Centurion Treyalak to halt all repairs and to report to my office. Immediately.




Sub-Commander Allek Tr’Rehu

Commanding Officer

IRW Pellecia

(as written by @Evan Delano)


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