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Top Picks: Pampered Pets

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Star Trek has, as we do now, a predilection for pets. Spock had I-Chaya, Archer had Porthos, and Data had Spot. Many of our characters own pets, just as us writers celebrate the furry companions in our lives. So, how can we further integrate our shared passion for pets and for Star Trek? Why, by turning to Star Trek themed pet accessories, of course! Here is a list of some of the more interesting finds out there.

8. ‘Live Long and Pawsper’ Pet ID Tag

There are plenty of licenced and non-licenced pet collars and pet tags to be found, but there’s just something adorably punny about this entry. Extra points if Fido or Fluffy is dexterous enough to flash a Vulcan salute while wearing this!

7. ‘Red Shirt’ Plush Dog Toy

Death by phaser, death by nebulous cloud, death by parasites, death by explosions, we’ve seen those poor unnamed officers perish in the most inventive of ways. But death by slobber? Stage your own Away Team expedition with this expendable crewmember, and watch in horror and shock as he succumbs to the ferocity of your furry foe.

6. TOS Gold Uniform Pet Bowl

Make your pet an official member of the crew while feeding him or her in style! Also available in Sciences blue and Operations red, these bowls will bring a touch of Starfleet class to your kibble conveyance.

5. Star Trek Communicator Waste Bag Dispenser

Beam this up for all your waste reclamation needs! Whether out for a walk in the park or just in your own back yard, do away with those plastic grocery bags and scoop in Star Trek style.

4. TOS Tribble Catnip Toy

*WARNING* May react violently to your Klingon housemates. The only way to rid the universe of these rapidly replicating scourge is to infuse them with catnip and set loose your feline warriors upon them! Buy many of them, and recreate your favorite scene with Kitty playing the part of James T. Kirk.

3. Captain’s Chair Dog Bed

Let your dog lounge in comfort as they command the bridge from this plush bed! We are not responsible for your dog assuming the Riker Maneuver while using this product.

2. Spock Costume

Let the neighborhood know your pet comes in peace with this Spock-inspired outfit. Let your four-legged science officer wander the final frontier as he explores strange new hydrants and new civilizations, and boldly go where no embarrassed clothed pet has gone before.

1. Cat Tree

Now, these products aren’t commercially produced, which is a real shame. Still, your cat can dream, no? What better perch to watch your favorite episode of DS9, or chew on your Tribble catnip toy while watching The Wrath of Khan for the 136th time?

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