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A pox on all your houses! Klingon Empire presents Romeo & Juliet

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QO’NOS — The Great House of J’mpok will host a recreation of the epic saga Romeo and Juliet, penned by the human playwright William Shakespeare.

First published on Earth in 1597, this glorification of romance and murder for the honor of their noble houses has long been a favored tale of the Klingon Chancellor, who is reportedly excited but declined to comment.

“The name Shakespeare resides in the heart and minds of every Klingon warrior,” political aide Kertak stated during the announcement. “It strikes fear—and rage—and inspires us all. I am partial to his depictions of parricide; however, a romance based on family honor is agreeable. A pox on all your houses! Delightful.”

Read the rest of the article here:
A pox on all your houses! Klingon Empire presents Romeo & Juliet

This story was written for the Federation News Service by Lieutenant JG Jocelyn Marshall of the USS Gorkon.

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