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Starfleet officer receives cutting-edge cybernetic prosthetic

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TYRELLIAN SYSTEM – A seriously injured Starfleet engineer assists in the creation of her own cutting-edge prosthetic limb.

Surgeons and medical staff aboard the USS Gorkon, NCC-82293, have been working with those injured during the ship’s recent mission to Starbase 173. Top priority was researching and fabricating a cybernetic limb replacement for recently-promoted Lieutenant JG Tasha MacFarlane, who’s injuries had resulted in the partial loss of her arm. “It was a work of art in the end,” explains Melissa Farney, a cyberneticist assisting on the project. “It needed to retain as much functionality as an organic limb as possible while not being cumbersome. The patient also wanted to have it be programmable and upgrade-able by her; not an unreasonable request since she is an engineer.”

Meanwhile, the captain of the luxury cruise vessel Cloud Skipper had extended an invitation to the crew of the Gorkon; thankful to them for saving a family member on Starbase 173. Much of the crew were happy to indulge in the luxuries and amenities aboard the massive skyliner, including holosuites, saunas, shopping, and skydiving. The habitable moon of Palanon was also a popular destination, with some of the crew spotted off-road racing in sand dunes of the Letholia Desert.

Towards the end of shore leave, the senior officers and many of the commissioned officers congregated in one of the Gorkon’s wardroom for a well-deserved dinner and award ceremony. Most of the cuisine was of Trill origin; a subtle nod by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds towards Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo, who was officially promoted to First Officer during the dinner. Other promotions included engineers Tasha MacFarlane and Elias Burke to Lieutenant JG, and helm officer Sera zh’Aella to Lieutenant, who also took over the role of Chief of Security.

Written by Ayiana Sevo

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