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[MSNPC] D'varo Llhran - A Broken Man

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(( Outside - Ih’aesn Agricultural Administration Building ))


::Their people were sick and dying, and all their acting Governor could care about was repairing the verteron array.


::The Romulan male huddled inside his thick coat at the fringes of the protest line; watching, waiting, thinking, slowly disintegrating. The Hawking hadn't been enough to continue their scientific experiments; they'd called in backup. Now they were being invaded by the Gorkon and their teams. He wondered what lies they would be told in the building; the virus had only just been discovered, perhaps, or it was an isolated problem, they had contained the infection, the people weren't dying yet. A collection of spun stories from a Commander who would tell the Federation whatever they wanted to hear.  


::A life lived in the coastal town had been a happy one, for a time, away from the problems being anywhere near the Administration building caused. Dark eyes looked out under a furrowed brow to where the array extended from the terrain under the shadowed clouds. None of this had started until that thing was switched on. Science experiments. "Verteron particles".  They could call it what they wanted, the protestors knew the truth.


::He hadn't believed the protestors at first. He was an educated man. He had argued against the rabble when they had formed in their hometown, refusing to accept the evidence laid bare before them. It wasn't until his wife had succumbed to the sickness, as his children had deteriorated, and all he could do was sit and watch as their Republic Doctors tried in vain to stem the flow of blood from decaying organs, petechia from forming, the vomiting to stop. Green bruises had begun to swell under his skin and his time was limited. A broken man with little more to live for. A danger to himself. 


::A racking cough split through his chest like a knife and he spat on the floor; a dark glob of green and black sputum from infected lungs and bleeding gums, one of many symptoms he would likely show before he died alone in his home. The back of his hand wiped his mouth, then slicked his wet hair back, and watched the Gorkon's team ascend the stairs to the oppressive structure. The Hawking had been of little to no help so far and their people were still succumbing to the mysterious illness faster than they could burn the bodies to stop the spread. The breeding ground had been the family quarters, living in small apartments, on top of one another, waiting for proper housing to be built. Agricultural crops had withered and weakened as their people had surrendered to dysentery and oedema.


::Someone brushed past him, jolting him to the side onto painful legs that barely held him upright, then a large stone hurtled through the air and sank into the brickwork of the ornate Romulan building. A roar of encouragement surged from the crowded dissidents and it wasn't moments later another object was hurled, this time smashing against the strong arms of their Brikar. Had that been a signal? He wasn't sure. He couldn't see the others.


::He pulled his thick coat around him once more, and slunk back into the crowd, shuffling on aching limbs.


::Whatever was coming next, he hoped the Gorkon crew was ready for.::

[MSNPC] D'varo Llhran
Agricultural Laborour
Ih’aesn, Sikuna

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This is a super powerful little vignette into the individual minds of the faceless mob of people affected by the conflict in our stories! If D’varo came back last in our collective storyline that would be cool, but it would be incredibly interesting to just let him appear and disappear from the story; to allow him just enough time to make the audience feel a faceless man’s face.


It was written by Jo Marshall, btw

Edited by Elias Burke
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